i believe in fiction

i hate food.
i hate tummy aches.
i hate sun.
i hate my phone.
i hate missing people.
i hate school. [no, not so much right now]
i hate toilets that don’t work.

& i hate myself for hating too much.
hate it.
just hate it.

i have soo much school work to catch up with. i was just recently informed that my geometry grade went down 5 wonderful points this grading. i blame either, dengue, intramurals or laag but not myself. never. HAHA.

text twist is seriously rotting my brain. i think it’s my marijuanna. but the difference is, i can afford this. marijuanna, i can’t. lol.

oh, my step mother loves me. that’s nice to know. haha. i got perfume from her. i love you too, leah.

yeah, i guess.

well, the whole january schedule is pretty lax. i’m ready to bumm around the house. oh joy.

i feel like writting something worth writting though i doubt i could.

i miss my best friend. 🙁
chabel, laag nya tah beh.

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