i got everything i wanted for christmas :]

yeah. for the first time, too. haha.

idk. i guess this year, the gifts just don’t really matter much to me. i mean, yeah, it’s really nice to have them but even without gifts, i’d be fine. i guess i’m just contented with the fact that james likes the jacket i gave him. at least i made him happy this year. that’s something big to me.

oh yeah, merry christmas, guys!

yep. it’s the 25th now and i don’t think i’ve had a christmas as good as this one.

the kids woke up at around 9 to opeen presents from santa claus. i got sandals from charles and keith. yey me!! lmao. i know it’s lame that i still get gifts from santa claus but one gift more never hurt anybody, right?

then i went to sleep after. haha.

then at like 3, everyone went to ayala to have gifts changed. james caught up.


me, mommy, lola, tita tina, james and papa watched this stupid movie at country mall. shake rattle and roll 3. ag brown out pjud in between the movie. that was srupid. hhahaha

then ate at la tegola and now i’m home. :]

wait james. don’t worry.

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