I need my sanity.

            Ok, so
I’m blogging through MS word right now. God, kill me now. Lmao. [c/o paolo

             It’s been
a week since we’ve moved and a week since I’ve last blogged and I have soo much
to tell the world that I won’t be able to share to the world due to my short
memory span. I’m sorry already. Lmao. But seriously, this place isn’t as bad as
it seems. I mean, not yet. I still have my sanity after all. Wink. well, at
least my room’s waaay bigger than my old one. I have the computer in here and
the big tv. Sadly, I don’t have cable but I’ll live with that. We have two
other tv’s that can give me that. lmao. Christian, our graphic artist who is
also our technician is here like 24/7 which screams “advantage”. Photoshop and
all those other fancy shit I love. Lmao. And yeah, poochy, my love is here.
FYI: for y’all who didn’t know, poochy is my baby. Lmao. No, she’s my 7 year
old virgin doggy that I love and I’m soo happy to be reunited with. Lmao.

that’s the house. I miss Park vista though. I mean, God, who wouldn’t?

anyways, it’s a Friday night and I was supposed to be at our old house aka the
Inocencio’s new residence [Boo-hoo] right now but then, Lander sorta bribed me
into reconsidering and spending the night here instead. See, the only reason
why I wanted to spend the night there was so that I could use the internet like
crazy since I’ve been deprived of it for a week. But yeah, that man and his
money have a way with me. Lmao.


            I spent
the whole day here at dullsville and then the night partying with paolo
abellana and friends. It was his despidida. God, I hate that word. EVERYONE’S
leaving for crying out loud. Before me and papa left, I got a message from nina
reyes inviting me to HER despidida. Life is truly unfair. Lmao.

             The party
was at red moon [not sunset daze OR moon café. Stupid] somewhere near UC.
J it was fun. Took tons of pictures,
issaplease.multiply.com and ate, of course. How could I live without eating? 😛
and yeah, I saw Job Shan and his girlfriend there too. But I didn’t say
anything to him. Besides, I don’t have anything good to say to him anyways. He
probably thinks I’m a boyfriend stealing slut because of what martin’s said or
whatever I don’t care and I, simply could care less for him. Lmao. I love this
life <3

             And then
papa came and met the guys. He was pretty cool about it. Which is exactly why I
love that man. At least they trust me. and I wouldn’t abuse that.

bribing me not to go to apas tonight, he brought me to star mart and we bought
junk food and went home and watched kung fu hustle and some other shit on the
tv. It didn’t really matter what we were watching though, I was with him. I
loved it.
J I love my papa. haha  

             So yeah,
that was tonight.

this week.

             Haha. We
basically didn’t have any. I mean, yeah, we did but for just 2 days. Lmao. We
had the lingo ng wika shit. I was the representative of the lakambini thing.
And I lost. I’m proud to say I did though. It wasn’t really a big deal to me
anyways, I got in sa oratorical contest anyways. I got second to this teacher’s
pet from the first year. But her speech was good. So, blame lolo. HAHA

was good for me too. I mean, after loosing of course and getting punched in the
nose by Joshua, of course. Lmao. Me and francis [my uncle] walked to his house
to make our ISP which was fun cuz I got to reunite with him. I missed him. I
don’t feel him in class anymore maybe because we’re all in our own personal
hell there. Lmao. I swear, I don’t belong there- I DON’T! But it’s ok, I have a
life outside that school. Ha!

             So yeah,then Francis Lumaban and James came over and we hung out for a good 30 minutes
or something like it. Haha. That was fun because…

             Ok, I’m
done story telling. I better get props which I’m pretty sure that I won’t be
getting anyways. Lmao.

swear to God, I’ll be good. Just keep me <3*

crazy how I think I need you soo much. And I like it. Ü

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