i pray to God you can’t breathe. i pray you can’t go a single day without thinking of me.

so, everyone is pissed about the asean, huh? haha. well, i am too. asean is soo the drama, man. despite it being a stepping stone and shit, i don’t see the point of them ruining our plans because of it. stick to schedule people, WOULD YA?! haha. dem.

anyways, i’m over it. i just wont go to school. simple.

“ring ring” checks phone: francis [shsj] Ü

do i really want this?


i think i want something else. and i’m not telling.

i think it’s a completely different thing when you don’t wanna tell your friends about him cuz you’re scared of spoiling it. spoiling your chances of being happy and spoiling your chances of being with him.

i wish he’d want me back. <3

issa decides to get real.

done fantasizing here, thankyouverymuch.

anyways, my week has been hectic. i’m pilled with projects again. but it figures, once it’s this time of the quarter, this kind of stuff is expected. the only good thing about projects and p.t.’s is that we get to slack off alot and projects are a good source of income for me. making them for other people, that is. people must think i badly need the money cuz i’m soo into selling nowadays but, i don’t know.it’s something i wanna do for a very long time. i have a fetish for making my own money and watching it grow. mr. right, you’re gonna have to deal with that. 🙂 thank you, rich dad, poor dad. LMAO.

anyways, yesterday was fun for me. and my week has been pretty fair. my days are getting brighter despite the rain. <3
the other day, i almost got drunk from a glass of wine. geez louise. krystle gyud. “is your mom a baker cuz you have great buns” you bitch. haha.

yesterday was fun too.i got my artwork loyalty card and i hung out with mikee [again] and marc.:) and they got to meet my mom! haha. which got my mom asking. geez. “who were they?” “unsa man to? kinsa nila nanguyab nimo?!” haha. fuck. sorry, marc. didn’t tell yoiu about that. Hehe?

i stayed up late yesterday reading old conversations on paper that i saved from my first year of highschool. dramatixx, man. lmao. i miss those times. i miss it badly. </3 i could never have what i had in stc all the way in mmch where little happens. but i’m fine. i have “other” things that keep me sane. like, staying up late at the thought of marc puking his guts out cuz of too many bazooka shots. lmao. i still don’t know what that is. so tell me, what’s your deepest and darkest secret? smug.

you are my beauitful disaster
my beautiful catastrophe
darling, you are simply EVERYTHING that is
beautiful to me <3

Didn’t want to leave you

With the wrong impression

Didn’t want to leave you

With my last confession

Of love

Wasn’t trying to pull you

In the wrong direction

All I wanna do is try and

Make a connection

Of love

***: i’m yearning for you, baby issa
me: boy, i wish you wouldn’t.

iguana, issa

issa the iguana

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