I Stumble On Innocence Sometimes; But There’s Justice While I Wink AtCrimes

And here am I, ruining a Samuel Butler quote.
[In case you don’t know who he is, he made translated the Illiad and the Odyssey. Thanks, Wikipedia!]

[Gold cardigan: Thirfted| Silk top: Thrifted| Pants: IT Park Christmas Bazaar find| Gold Flats: Old Navy]
Another attempt at dressing like a lady in the office.
As you all know, I’m not particularly lady-like. I have lunch every day with a group of 4 guys namely: Chad, Yong, Jake & Kenny who I will surely miss.
I’m also a cheapskate, I spend less than P50.00 on lunch (on a good day) but it’ll take more than an eight-peso fare to get me to commute.
In a sentence, I just proved that I am indeed very much in touch with my Chinese blood and ironic at the same time.
In my defense, I fall asleep in EVERY JEEP I get on. So I’m just being safe.
Aside from this, a close friend of mine, The Third, shoots almost all my outfit shots for me and we spend a good hour a day smoking our lungs out and having endless conversations.
Then there’s Jedd who I ought to dedicate an entire post to. Soon, Obiwan.
Forgive me for the senti work rant. As mentioned, I am indeed leaving work and these are the people I’m going to miss every day.
Going back to my outfit post and these countless attempts to suppress the inner boy in me, I found that the secret is in floral pants. [That I’m not supposed to wear at work, btw]
They scream of girly-ness and all I have to do is put on a shirt (if I wore pink, I would be pushing it), a cute cardigan and I’m good to go!
I’m pretty sure this would’ve looked good with some chains here and there but I have a work ID so it gets in the way.
Aizilym Ent.
Watch: Fossil| Bracelet: Gift from Ann
Am I a lady yet?

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