International Podcast Day 2018 & My ZeroThreeTwo OOTD

On the day that I represented the Philippines for the second time for International Podcast Day, I wanted to make sure that I represented the Philippines well and in something that I could actually be proud of.

Gone are the days of tacky, neon colored touristy shirts for me- my Zero Three Two t-shirt was a simple, yet catchy homage to our culture. I mean, come on, name one true blue Cebuano who wouldn’t be able to recognize the Veco logo?

While most of the people who were watching the segment from all around the world had no clue of what my shirt mean, ZERO THREE TWO is in fact our local area code while the type face is our local electricity providers logo.

Image result for veco logo

It was an honor to represent the Philippines again! I hope you enjoyed my session and that it inspired and/ or taught you a little something when it comes to podcasting.

I do intend to return to creating podcasts for everyone but maybe I’ll do it sometime after the wedding. There’s just so much on my plate right now- I know you’ll all understand 🙂

Issa P.

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