knock you down

i hate nursing. i hate school. omg, i don’t think i’ve ever been this tired. seriously.

i wake up at 5:30, leave the house by 6:30 start school at 7:30 have lunch at 12 go back at 1 end class at 7 get home at 8 have dinner study at 8:30 sleep at 11. it’s a vicious cycle. where am i going to put my boyfriend???

i saw him yesterday though and it was the best feeling ever. like i went to his place and we just kept telling each other how our day was and what we missed from the days we weren’t together and wrestled and laughed and laughed and laughed. i felt like i was on a natural high or something. i missed him and i miss him now esp. when i’m at school and i can’t text but i’m bored. i guess i like him a lot now. i just really don’t have time for a boyfriend right now so you can imagine how hard it is gyud!

anyways, it’s 11 i’m not done studying so i really need to bounce.

i will try to update soon

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