Korean Beauty Brands, Baby Products & More! ft. KPop Beauty & Melange at The Concept Cove

If I had to point out a growing trend in Cebu, it would most likely have to be concept everythings (food, restaurants, stores) and Korean/ Japanese make up and beauty products. The latter has been so sought after that I recently shared my daily morning skin care routine which is heavily influenced by Korean skincare practices.

Recently a couple concept stores such as Concept Cove have been opening around the city, offering shoppers with more affordable shopping alternatives whether it be in terms of clothes, make up and accessories. Although this store in particular carries a very select number of brands, each rack and shelf has been carefully selected and placed in order to cater to every man/ woman’s needs.

During my visit, I checked out one very special rack, Melange which carries an assortment of baby products, travel essentials and beauty products from KPop Beauty. Check it out:

Here are a few of the items that I got to bring home to check out and review:

Drawstring bag,  3 in 1 travel pouches and passport holder

Happy Nappy Baby Cloth Diaper

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact

COW Beauty Soap (for whitening & moisturizing)

Assorted face packs

Truthfully this entry will not have as much output as usual as I still need some time to try out these products and create my own, honest opinions about each of them. I haven’t gotten around to starting it yet but I promise, once I’m done, you will know. Perhaps we could do a night time skin routine? :>

Find anything you like or want to try out? Make sure to follow Melange and KPop Beauty to check out more of their products, prices and offers!


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