La Vie Parisienne Saturdates

Hi everyone! Here’s what I wore on a Saturday afternoon to attend business meetings and have mid-afternoon snacks with the boyfriend:

Dress: Fab (Gift from @ohissaplease)| Flats: SM Department Store| Watch: iWatchz| Bag: Hong Kong| Necklace: Forever21

After my meetings, Paolo and I had snacks at La Vie Parisienne which is just in Lahug, right beside La Mason Rose and the Mormon Church. (Can anyone tell me if the gold statue on top of that thing moves? I swear to (whoever’s God), I think it does!)

I literally cannot eat there because it’s all bread and sweets but Paolo wanted coffee and croissants so I decided to indulge a bit myself. It was a bit hot when we got there though and all the shaded areas were taken so we had to sun bathe for a while.  No biggie.

I honestly don’t like bread or dough for that matter. Unless it’s use to hold a pizza, burgers or a sandwich together. I don’t know a lot about bread or their types and characteristics either but I’m guessing Paolo does and I’ve never seen him crave for croissants since he tried the ones from here. It was… soft. lol. Totally not the person you wanna be talking to about food.

Paolo ate it with some jam I couldn’t have so didn’t bother to check out either. But I loved the tiny bottles, though and they only cost P35.00 a pop. Not bad.

La Vie Parsienne is also known as a wine shop. The second time I went there, we ordered wine for around P200.00/bottle. And of course, what better goes with wine than cold cuts of ham and cheese, right? There they’ve got a wide selection of both ham and cheese that you can buy at 100 grams and have them plattered for you and your friends.

And if you’re not into wine you can always have…


That is totally how I say it.

This container van turned into a French themed bakery/ deli and wine library has a wide selection of things to choose from. They’ve got vinaigrette, icing decorators, biscuits and what not. Aside from that they’ve got sandwiches, coffee, bear, juice and my personal weakness, Macarons.

Here’s what we ended up with:

Coffee, 3 Croissants, 1 Fig Macaron, 1 Pistachio Macaron, Jam (not in the picture)

Here’s the garden. It’s even prettier at night.

La Maison Rose (where I hear they serve CAVIAR!)

And here’s us:

Have a happy Sunday everyone!



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