Lady Lovelace

I really do feel like I’ve been growing up a lot more this year. Contrary to my Doc’s phase (which I do not regret), my wardrobe has slowly been filled up with more feminine pieces whether they be heels or dresses or even flouncy tops I promised as a kid that I would never be caught dead in. (I was a tomboy)

As I’ve gotten older and my lifestyle has changed, I’m really starting to appreciate staple and classic articles of clothing that are good to wear on any occasion and if there is anything piece of clothing (aside from a crisp white polo shirt) that is on my to-go list, it would definitely have to be lace.

There’s just something about it that is so pristine and regal especially if you know how to choose the right kind. And you never have to worry about “losing yourself” with all the femininity because there’s always a way to play it up or down depending on your style.

Need a little boyish “umf”, just throw on that leather jacket of yours and you’re good to go!

Plan to go all out girly? Deck yourself in pearl earrings some sky high heels and you’re set!

For my look, I wanted to be a mix of both by wearing my favorite heels and the leather bib necklace that Justinne got me for my birthday. Leather, lace and heels… sounds just about right!

[Dress: Thrifted| Undershirt: Forever21| Shorts: Thrifted| Bag: HK find| Heels: Parisian| Watch: Fossil]

Yeah… I’m not so grown up, after all.



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