lady luck

i wonder who’s bright idea it was to EVER come up with the thought of karma and shit like that cuz it sucks, sucks, suck.

the gods are making fun of me and my very existence. they hope i’ll break down and shatter into a million tiny pieces. and they probably think i wouldn’t last a day, but i’ve been holding on for more and i just proved my point. i’m standing on my own two feet… without you.

anyways, i have’t been able to update you for like, a good 2 says which isn’t bad. not even a little bit. considering that fact that i can go blog crazy. lmao. i saved you the insanity, yo. love me! 😛

anyways, about my swimming was good. i came home with 3 bronzes. 1 for IM, breats stroke and back stroke. it sucks though,i could’ve gotten a gold for butterfly but i got friggin disqualified. *sigh. justmyluck. oh, well. i still got medals. bragging rights, bragging rights. :p

today, i went to mmch. it’s the first day of school for some people and some’re starting on wednesday but ours is next week. thankyou, god. but i still had to go to school today cuz we had our first informal ssc mtg. it was fun. chab caught up and we just hung out and it was fun. lmao.

in the late afternoon, me, kath, chab, josh, tamae, king and tara went to ayala to check out trash bins for the school thinggy. and i just discovered that trash cans can cost alot. lmao.

we caught up with james and carlow today too. carlow just stopped by to say hi and hit me on the head and mock me for wearing shades and lagz, we pretty much went there to bug the hell outta me. god, i hate you, lagz.

then me and granny went to this korean parlor to get our nails done. my nails are yellow with french tips. they look like i wrote on my nails with a highlighter and no, i don’t know if i consider that a good thing or a bad thing. but at least, i got my nails cleaned. it’s been soo soo long. lmao.

i’m at granny’s house right now. i was invited to sleep over cuz krystle was sleeping over and she’s asleep right now so, yeah. sleep over gyud siya. 😛 ok rana, they’re tired and when they got home, i was sleeping to. i wen through a depression a few hours ago. leche man akong phone. piece of crap kaau. 3310i model man ko. hightech 😉

and yeah, about my previous blog, i did loose a tooth. my molar. it’s a baby tooth. DUH. i’m not as old as you think i am or as i should be acting. or. stfu. lmao.

ok, i wanna watch tv now.

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