laguna bitch

today, june something, i’ve dedicated this day to Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach, iloveyou. Oh god, i’m addicted. lmao. i had 21 episodes now.. three claps for me. clap, clap, clap. yo, yaaaah.

anyways, the parents fled off to Bohol today – just the two of them. ooohhh, making babieees. lmao. just playing. let’s not get our hopes up too high 😉
the upside to not having them around is that i can do whatever i want within these 4 concrete walls, the other 4 concrete walls surrounding park vista townhomes. the downside – yeah, just these 4 walls 🙁 i couldn’t go to the sophies party – i don’t know why i wanted to go either but i did, so yeah. lmao. and yeah, i’m over it, i guess.

so today’s been uneventful. just the typical computer buhm. and the laguna beaching, of course. lmao.

i have a mobile now,btw. oh god, i think you hate me. now, that i have a phone [casey’s] my 3315 suddenly, MIRACULOUSLY [spell it for me, darling] gets fixed. now, what the hell is THAT about? but think of it this way, maybe i’m being unjinxed. yeah,  no regrets? maybe not competely. 😐 sorry to you, but, i’m ruined right now. and i blame you and myself. lmao. but guess what? i’m over it. ><

i was able to get out of this house today, thank God. I just went to JY Square to buy brownies for my victory party tomorrow. victory party, baby. haha.

i got invited to go to the bukid with some friends today but – as usual, i wasn’t allowed to go. unless i snuck out, which is veery kaya. with the grandmother around – anything is. 😉 haha. i love moments like this. but yeah, they didn’t push through with it and all, so, i unno if they’re coming over to crash and hang out. but knowing them – i wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. i know better – yes, i’ve learned. lmao.

anyways, i’m bored. i’m posting quotes ina bit. mwahmwah

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