lazy ass

i know i haven’t been updating in like.. forever but it’s cuz i’ve been busy. and yeah, i’ve been onlin a lot but i guess i just haven’t been in the mood to blog. i can’t think right is the problem. damn heat! lol.

well, let’s not talk about the beach. let the pictures speak for themselves. still, fuck my bikini. it kept going up.  I NEED A NEW ONE.

so this morning, i woke up early cuz i had to have an overview of what i had to tell ournew social worker about my adoption. we had to change our first one cuz vicky [her name] was a complete pain in the ass. i mean, if she wasn’t soo stupid i’d be Issa Perez by now. Just in case you guys didnt know, i’m not yet a Perez. BLAME VICKY!!!!

the new social worker was nice. she made me feel smart. but that’s only cuz she asked me smart questions. i like her.

i think my parent’s are going to start being strict now. esp. after the rape talk. FUCK. lol.


i’m going to bethany tomorrow to uhm.. watch over my sibs :>

i’m too lazy to talk right now.


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