maybe it’s the heat

everyone in my family is driving me nuts! my mom has been being a complete bitch to me, my papa well, whatever. it’s basically just my mom. she’s been an absolute pain in the ass. she’s been coming in and out of the room to check what i’m doing on the pc, interupting me during my phone calls to comment and shit. omg i hate her soo fucking much i could lax her! like this morning, i was talking to alexa and i said, omg ka bastos ana nila oie. that’s so harsh. and then she butts in and says,” HOI GI AWAY KA?!” i mean, ka klaro anang wala. fuck her, man. and she been bugging the hell out of me, i am soo sick of  her.

she won’t let me go out cuz she always brings last saturday up. “hoi, don’t forget what happened last saturday na hapit tika gi opoawan!” jesus christ, lady. so are we just going to keep bringing saturday night up? god. SOMEONE KILL HER FOR ME!!!

now i’m getting the impression that i’m going to hate this summer all because of her. i mean, omg, she is such a bitch. it’s getting really hard to pretend that i’m not annoyed. i am literally digging my nails into my skin as i am typing this because OMG, SHE IS ONE HELL OF A MOM.

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and then there’s ren. sorry but i’m really not interested. i mean, if i was i would reply sensibly. ambot kev oie. he’s really the kind of guy na ambot.. you can just sense the desperation in him which is exactly why i don’t reply to him and if i do. sos. ambot nalang jud.

and besides, if that boy’s just looking for a summer fling then i’d rather not wasting my time because that’s not what i want. I’VE SAID IT TOO MANY FUCKING TIMES SO GOD WHY WON’T YOU GIVE IT TO ME?!

i’m dying.

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