My Little North Star

I guess all the cliches are true- the moment you first lay eyes on your baby all the pain suddenly goes away; the 9 long months of puking, back pain & inability to eat anything raw becomes worth it and you know… The list goes on.

I have always loved you & I have always known that I would love you but I never knew how much I was capable of loving until I met you and now that you’re here, I can’t even put them into words & even trying would be such a great injustice.

You are the most precious thing I have ever seen- so happy, so full of life and you are definitely a product of the love that Paolo & I have for one another multipled by a gazillion. You are love and you are loved.

This blog is 3 weeks late but welcome to the world, my little Nolan North Perez Gandionco.

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