My Staple “Morning/ Mourning” Outfit

I interchange morning & mourning loosely because I mourn mornings except when I’m on the beach, out camping or when I need to deposit a check so it clears the next morning. I haven’t done a fashion blog in a minute and whilst I am waiting for revisions for a company profile I am currently working on (I also write when I have extra time), I felt like it would be nice to actually blog for once.

Maybe it’s the bride in me or because Paolo always likes it when I wear white but I’ve noticeably been sporting a lot of whites in my looks lately. I find myself constantly picking only 3 pairs of white bottoms out of our laundry delivery more frequently than usual and I’ve over worn my Uniqlo polos so much that they might actually be turning yellow. ew.

There’s just something about an all white outfit that is so easy and yet so difficult at the same time. While underwear selection (seamless and strictly NO LACE) can be a bit of a challenge, choosing articles that’ll make your outfit pop are both easy and exciting at the same time. It’s a roller coaster ride. Simply leaving the house in an all white ensemble is a challenge- I am more brave more than fashionable these days.

But horror stories aside, it seems to have a nice effect especially when you’re trying to impress a client by power dressing, stand out in a crowd without actually trying or you’re just too lazy to actually think of something to wear. Either way, whatever reason; it always seems to work for me.

Trick of the trade: let your shoes, bag and/ or eye wear do the talking.

Issa P.

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