My Summer Essentials [feat. Polyvore]

Summer Essentials
Got a little bored over the weekend and decided to have a little fun with polyvore. At first it was just supposed to be one set but I guess I got a little bit carried away and well, now I’ve made an entire blog around it.
If you’re wondering about the lack of style and diversity in my choice of bikinis… it’s because it’s true.
I’m a bikini girl and never will I be the type to sport a one piece unless I’m training for a meet or a “thlon” of some type.
I am in love with triangle bikinis and only recently have I discovered the joys of a bandeau. Also, this year sporty is in so I’m looking forward to seeing more ladies in sports bra types of bikinis especially with fringe 😉
Cover ups
Cover ups
I’m basically in love with anything I can throw on after a quick dip especially one of good material that isn’t too heavy and takes forever to dry. Ladies, a shirt is not a cover up. I’m not saying this to make fun of you, I’m saying this so you don’t have to worry about putting something on and waiting forever for it to dry up.
Can I just be totally honest and say that I don’t use sun block? Sorry! But I know it’s important so that’s why I included it in here. The main idea was just to include a bunch of hats and shades and call it “protection” but I know it’s soo much more than that. Hey, I even threw in a picture of some lip balm to remind you to moisturize your lips! #itssomething
[see cover ups]
Flip flops, striped wedges, boat shoes, JELLY SANDALS!!
So this post has sort of been in my draft folder for about two weeks and if I don’t post it now, I’ll never be able to do it! I kind of faded towards the end though since I don’t really have a lot to say about them, I just really liked the pretty clothes I saw. heee.
Show me your summer outfits and summer sets on my facebook page!


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