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updates on the today:
haha. today was awesome. lmao. there were sme bad parts that i’m trying to forget and yeah, the totally awesome parts. haha. i had a good day in general. this is how my weekends should be forever. lmao.

well, i got to ayala at around 1. i took a cab. yes,i can do that now. lmao.and then i went off to buy renette a gift.i got her earrings. yes, i’m a cheap person. but hey, if i had the money, i’d give something good man gyud bah :p

then me, renette and her brother stood around the fountain place til the people got there. thank god, francis got there quite early then tom, dj, kathya,jed, josh and then the others that i don’t remember and i could care less for. lmao. honestly,i can’t believe i went out wit them. i mean, i don’t mind but like, i’m not used to it. if you ask me, stc is still the way to go for me. but things’re changing soo much this year and i guess i’m dealing with it. go with the flow. i mean, i keep my new and my old friends.i was adventuring outside the box but yeah, it was ‘ok’, i guess. i mean, the guys lined up and the girls, i guess but i  wasn’t there to admire their standinginline efforts cuz i was wandering amongst the people of ayala. theresians. you know how i do. lmao.

oh, kathy picked up a bad mcdo plastic full of full. fries, chicken nuggets, coke and the like. i wonder who’s plan it was to put it there. i wonder who was smart enough to actually fall for it. smart people. but nuon,what’re the chances. lmao. at least we know. congrats, kath.

anyways, so we watched superman. but before that, i kept going to and forth to benchix and maanyag. starbucks, food choices and ratski. gaaah. i was sweating there. haha. friends. you know. no, maybe you don’t. lmao. fine, fine. maybe i just love running around the mall waaay to much but things happened. hehe. highschool drama don’t you just absolutely love it? lmao.

anyways, so, we watched superman na gyud, and it was kinda boring.i didn’t get it but i thought i’d like it. i had to share popcorn with thomas. and btw, he’s not a really good or nice seatmate or popcorn share-r. he kept hitting his knee against mine and shit. he even hogged the arm rests – geez! but whatever. it was fun either way. lmao. but me and kathya decided to leave cuz we did kinda promise james and nathan that we;d show up to their birthday too. so, we left for ratski. and omg, it was soo soo soo, omfg, i miss partying fun. lmao. it was mad crazii at that place. we we’re dancing like it was 12 midnight. haha. but- it wasn’t. lmao what kind of a lecheng yawa is this. lmao.whatever, me.

anyways, yes, i think i am a wild child. lmao. i have to admit, dancing on a chair with james was fun. the thought that the teachers saw me dance with him is fun-er. lmao. and singing on stage was hot. embarassing but- hot. lmao. teacher jojo thought that me and francis lumban were together and i’m pretty sure the other guys who met him thought that he was my guy too. hmm..

speakingof guys. moley ha a guy now1 hmm.i am full of jealousy!harhar. cige lang.

teacher lisleyis the shit too. cuz she asked me if i drank [and i lied and said i didn’t] hehe. and she said that i could and it would all be hush hush with the mother. i love her. which leads to my next conclusion, never drink beer with an empty stomache. haha. i’ve learned my lesson.

when i got home, carlow, paolo and someone else came over. carlow got his palanca and he just talked for a while. they found out about axel and the past and teased the frikkin hell outta me. that was insane. lmao. but whatver. i love those guys. soo fun. mother … you know. 😉

issa chua.

doesn’t it make you wonder?

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