of mistakes made and lessons learned

paseo update

it’s just like in the movies. a teenager wants to explore
the big bad world at the wrong time, she screws up and her parents come to
rescue her and save the day. but no wrong decisions go unpunished and she ends
up grounded and with a lesson that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

I feel like I’ve seen an episode of this on unfabulous.
You know that episode where addie’s wearing the underpants that says Tuesday on
em? Lol. Well, at least I know what I’m talking about. lol

i’m not in a hurry to grow up anymore. i know i’ll have my time and i know that
3 am is waaaaay past curfew. i’m not doing THAT again for a very long time.

saturday is definitely going to be one of those things i’ll remember for a very
long time not because i finally got to go to paseo but because it taught me
something i’m very fortunate to know right now.

so apparently, paseo is the new vudu or something. not quite, though i wouldn’t
know cuz i haven’t been to vudu yet. lol. i bet i’d loose my shoes AND my morals
there [laguna beach, anyone?] haha. Anyways, so me and the girls decided we’d
go and hang out, have fun, celebrate summer, blah blah blah. i thought it’d be
great. i had a very rude awakening.

i went there for a lot of reasons. i know i went there cuz i needed to
socialize [follow up on the i need to be less judgemental blog] and because i
felt that i NEEDED a night out and well, i know i wanted to go cuz everyone
else was going. i mean, duh. haha. i hung out at this table with a bunch a usc
high school boys. god, i know why i don’t have friends from there. those guys
are too self consumed and don’t know how to be nice. either that or.. it was me
and my bitch face again. but hey, they all looked like sick mother fucking
drunkards anyways. i don’t need them.

i did have fun though. it was reggae night and everyone who was there looked
like they were high or stereotyped. lol. i know i used that in the wrong sense.
ok let’s try identically challenged. hiphoppers were singing to bob marley
songs and emo boys were jumping up and down in rhymitical patterns. up DOWN up
DOWN up DOWN. jesus christ. i had fun mocking them to be honest and i had fun
mimicking them and dancing with my friends of course. lol.

Anyways, as the night went along, things went horribly wrong and freaky.

i ran into Francis.
My mom’s friend was there
i got stepped on.
This random guy grabbed me and tried to talk to me.
Someone thought i was Chinese. Well, i am. but like, Chinese in a sense na i
don’t speak English kind of Chinese. his exact words, “KUNICHIHUA, GUA AI
an Iranian looking guy came up to me and tried to be slick
i ran out of load
nikki had my wallet
my ride went home with her boyfriend
and i was screwed

that night was soo overwhelming gyud. Like, i know that i was in a situation
where i was completely helpless and i really didn’t know what to do.

i realized that there are such things as fair weathered friends and that i
can’t always count on my “friends” to help me when i need them the
most. I’m not keeping them. lol.

i learned that i always have to have a back up plan and that family should
always be an option.

i also learned the importance of carrying a bag around so i won’t end up
leaving my things with someone else. in my case, a wallet. GEEZ!

And i also learned that i shouldn’t be in a hurry to grow up. i know that I’m
going to have my time to go party and i won’t be too old to do that and i am, i
shouldn’t really care, right? i mean, 22 isn’t old.. right? /:| haha. i don’t
know. i just know that i shouldn’t care too much about stupid stuff. i tend to
not care bout real stuff but i care too much about superficial stuff. geez. How
did my mom raise me? btw. i still hate her.

So now. Because of my actions, i am no longer allowed to party at night. and i
have to work for all my summer activities. screeew!!!

but ok, this is my “stragol”. God, i love that word.

And I’m also grounded for my shout out sa friendster.

your own man”


Good-bye and good

i didn’t
leave so you could chase me.
i left because you never gave me a good reason
to just
stay put.

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  1. hahaha. don’t worry iss. i know exactly how you felt that night at paseo. ahahaha. i felt the same way the first time i went there.

  2. hahaha. don’t worry iss. i know exactly how you felt that night at paseo. ahahaha. i felt the same way the first time i went there.

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