Oh My Darling, Valentines

I didn’t get to celebrate Valentines this year. Instead, what I got was a whole day of running around the city and meals in the passengers seat.

This year I had coffee while being feasted on by mosquitoes and long term postural damage from lugging around a bag that’s too heavy for my own good.

This year I didn’t get flowers (although I never do) or chocolates, not even a single I love you note.

But I get to spend every single day with the most important person in my life and that is so much better than one day out of the many to look forward to. 

Because I would follow you on Christmas, on my birthday… even on Hallow’s Eve even if it meant having to over charge my DS and the pad just to spare me the boredom. I would carry big baskets of floor matts and plates, even if we don’t get to share them, if it meant just being around you.

I would ride a bus and sit beside a stinky baby who leans in too much, too much that I can hardly see the damn screen, even if it’s just to kiss you hello because I love you.

And I’m not going to see you as much anymore and this makes me sad but we’re doing bigger things now so I shouldn’t be.

But it’s a god damn Sunday and I’m not used to not being able to kiss you good night.

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