On This Boat

I guess we all have our own set of struggles.

I’m battling thoughts of spending money on an origami skirt and an off shoulder shirt thingy which will totally give me that girly vibe I’ve been dying to achieve. While at the same time, I am also trying to figure out what is more important to me- food or clothes.

My friend is up at almost 1:00 pm rattling her brain over her boyfriend while another friend isn’t quite sure about what she wants anymore.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, there is probably someone who has it much much worse than we do.

Somewhere, someone is most likely dying.

I think I’m going to savor worrying and being sad about not being able to afford a skort I could totally afford if I didn’t eat for a day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be worried about something much much worse.

But for now, I want that origami skort, that top, those shoes and high waste printed shorts.

For now.


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