OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

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When I’m not posting about my outfits or my whereabouts, I usually prefer to post photos of restaurants or food. Everybody on Instagram is a foodie and with all the events that I attend on a weekly basis, it pays to have a good companion with me to document every single one of my gastronomical adventures.

I usually carry around a camera with me but with so many social media applications to update while at an event: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter- not to mention Instagram & Facebook’s recent story updates… sometimes carrying around a mobile device AND a camera is just too much work! And although I love the quality of photos that a camera can capture, I sometimes wonder if a mobile device can achieve the same quality of photos that I require for my feed.

Whether I’m taking photos of food, fashion, landscapes or even selfies, it’s important to me that my phones camera can take crisp photos that need little to no editing.

Luckily, as I was doing my research, I discovered that the OPPO F1s is the perfect phone for my blogging and on the go needs! It’s front camera is perfect for selfies because of its 1/3.1-inch sensor and F/2.0 aperture so I can take self portraits even in low lighted environments which would be perfect for any intimate photo ops with chefs, restaurant owners or celebrities I encounter at events.

There is also the filters and beautify features that seem to be great but what really intrigues me is the selfie panorama feature on the phone that allows the user to take a wide angled selfie shot by simply rotating the device side to side. It would be perfect for group shots especially with my Cebu Fashion Blogger friends who I usually hang out with at events.

Selfie cameras are great and I’m dying to try it out but more importanly, I am so intrigued about the Oppo F1s rear camera that comes with a 1/3.06 inch sensor which works great for night shots. Dinners are mostly more celebrated where I’m from so it pays to have a device that works brilliantly in those settings.

Overall, I would say that being able to own an Oppo F1s would be a definite upgrade from my current device. It’s speed, aesthetic and and overall performance is top notch and if I want to keep my blogging A- game, then my devices should also be on the top of its game.

What do you think of the Oppo F1s?


Issa P.

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  1. I tried using this phone in one of our photo walks down South Cebu and it never failed me. You should also try it’s Expert Mode feature in where you can adjust the ISO, Exposure, Shutter speed and Focus. Great also for night photography and landscape photography.:)

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