Pajamas? Unisex looks? God knows.

Over-sized polo & Boots: H&M| Pants: Giordano

It’s pretty clear at this point that my fashion sense is pretty neurotic. One day I’ll be in military boots and a camo and later that afternoon, I’ll be in a tiny slip dress and heels. I don’t know what it is about me but perhaps it has to do with my impeccable indecisiveness or my curiosity but I can never really stick to just one persona or look or fashion sense. Hopefully, that makes you love me even more.

This is actually the second time I wore this outfit and I guess it’s just a really safe go-to outfit for me when I want to be able to move with ease while looking like I actually put some effort into dressing up. You see, my trick is, if I don’t know what to wear, I’ll stick to a monochromatic look. It works every time!


Issa P.

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