planet hate

i had to wake up this morning at 6 am. and i slept at 4.i know i was in bed by 3:30 but when  you think, i’m supposing that this is natural. when i woke up, the onyl thing i saw was mommy starring over miguel and crying. and i was like, “wtf?! he’s fine. papa’s the sick one.” but yeah, i got her point. i told her that i cried to.i told her that i cried because of papa cuz i couldn’t see him sick because it’s killing me inside. like, i can’t eat, i can’t sleep and i don’t wanna talk. and there’s no one i wanna talk to either. i just wanna jog. jog, jog, jog. but the truth is, i didn’t cry just for him. i cried cuz of life.and again, nothing’s right and i find myself broken. i’ve never been the strong type. i was just wanna be in someone’s arms right now and cry. because this sucks. it sucks and nothing’s how it’s supposed to be.

hey, at least he’s still alive. but it hurts. i wish i was sick insecurities about that. rem., i like the attention. lmao.

as i am writting this little blog of my life, i’m on view my webcam on yahoo. chab’s the only one watching and she can see me cry. i hope she’s not paying attention though.but now i’m playing iwth a tiny piece of braided hair that i have no intentions of removing.

btw, doesn’t anyone FUCKING comment me anymore? lol. i’m amess. and i laugh about it.i’m a mess. i know.

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