practice safe sex. lmao

and i will find you even if it’s the last-est thing i do.

i went to bed at around 3. i was basically up because SOMEONE told me to wait up for them so i could “comfort” him when he’s done wasting the night away. lmao. but i got bored and decided to sleep.

i know i’ve done wrong again because once again, i tried my best to wake up after ten just to miss church even if i knew i wasn’t going anyway. the decil works in me. that’s bad, iknow. i should change. trying. lmao.

so now, i’m up and i’m devoting the whole day to school work. slap my knee and call me crazy but i’ve turned from teacher’s pet – rebel freak – depressed anti social – a trying hard school freak. this isn’t me. this isn’t who i want to be. but i’m trying. i just want to see my name on a frikking piece of bond paper. is that soo hard to ask? huh? lmao. whatever, issa. lmao.

three claps for me. going wild does have it’s advantages. i lost weight! 🙂 i’m now an 83.:D and yesterday i was an 87ish. i think the scales al broken and going dunzoo on me. lmao. ok, is. ok.

i just wanted to blog today while i still have the chance to. as you all should know by now, i practically lock myself out to the outside world by monday. lmao. and then i go back on on friday nights. and if you ask me, the week flies by soo fast.

on monday i have practice for glee club then i have to make dance steps for our pres. for hgp awardings. this will be fun. plus, PLUS POINTS. 😀 i’m all about that now. lmao.

love you

love YOU


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