scarcity and needs

during social studies this week, Teacher Jojo made us list down at least 10 things that we want regardless of the cost of whatever. here are my top 20 ish wants. [hehe]

1. The Concerto

Electronics: Apple AV Connection Kit with remote
control, compatible with all iPods
Speakers: 2 x 50watt two-way speakers, 6.5’ x 1”
Amplification: 130watt
Materials: Finish plywood, poplar, stainless steel
Finishes: Bright white or black high gloss enamel
Price: $14000usd + shipping

2. Quadski
soo freaking awesome!!

3. iPhone

4. macbook

5. A colorful frog
[ok so maybe my worst fear are frogs but if i could have a red AND blue frog then my god, that would just be awesome!!]

6. Rolls Royce Phantom
ka hot.


cuz i’ve heard it’s freaking awesome


because i’d like a heads up. HAHA. what makes you soo sure?


10. PS3

11. a min pin

12. my own bettle 😀

13. a rabbit

14. A garden snake

15. a hammy

16. a Yatch!

17. something i could rule and use my princess skills on

and then the rest are shopping sprees, a tennis racket, shoes, etc.

these are just material things… just you wait.

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