sick day

ugh. i’m sick. can you believe that? i never get sick anymore!!

well, i’m not the type to complain especially when it comes to buying a couple of days out of school but what sucks is that, my parents think i have UTI [cuz i said i had back pains] and worst of all, my mom thinks i have it cuz i’m SEXUALLY ACTIVE. hahaha. oh, god. how miserbale would she be when she found out i was as clean as a spoon. lmao.

seriously, i hate the fact that everyone thinks that being in a serious relationship means actually having sex. i’ve been with james for 10 long months now and i’ve never done it with him and quite honestly, i don’t plan to. not until marriage. and i do plan to marry the ass… someday.

why can’t anyone just be happily inlove anymore?

for your eyes only:
my mom got pregnant at 17. so you’d understand the paranoia level…

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