Sporty Spice

There’s no denying that every now and then we need a little inspiration when it comes to dressing up. I’m always trying to find inspiration for my next look online, through glossy pages of magazines or even in my surroundings.

My family recently sent a picture from their travels of them wearing sports shirts of our favorite team and it gave me the inspiration to put together a quick look inspired by that. It was too adorable not to share!

Fun fact: When I was growing up in California, my papa and I would play baseball by the park hoping that I could join a little league. I ended up concentrating on ice skating before moving back to the Philippines where I fell in love with tennis. I’ve always been the “sporty one” and being able to put this set together brings back good old times.




This sports season, show your love for your favorite sports team with Fanatics! They’ve got a wide selection of sports caps and other merchandise to complete your “sporty chic”, like this Red Sox hat, whether if it’s to support your favorite team or just rock an outfit.

Can you guess which caps I’m expecting in the mail? 😉



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