stress level at its peak

i am currently at tita tina’s house waiting for the mother to finish up her breakfast so we can go to school and hear what my teachers think of me. i hope i get good comments this grading considering the fact that i’ve been stressing alot and trying to do good in school and the like. lmao. but knowing Him, i think this time i’ll be put in vain. but we’ll see.

i am also currently surrounded by 3 young, hyper girls and omg. lmao.

hopefully this afternoon, neena goes to the house and we can go get massages and eat tapsilog and study for chemistry. this is why i love her and a million more. <3

i havta bounce. kids go wild when you leave em hanging.

i love YOU, world.

p.s. happy birthday, josh. where are you? best friend. not anymore.

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