Styling Patterned Culottes

When caught between the crossroads of having to give up wearing shorts on a daily basis and not wanting to wear pants, I found refuge in culottes.

I admit to always being at least 10 months behind trends as culottes have been a big deal for at least the past year or so but no regrets, me and my half pants/ half shorts are now inseparable!

Styling plain and solid culottes are no brainers but when it comes to printed ones that are made of a stiffer material, it can be quite a challenge. There first time I wore these were here and now I’m back and I think I like this look a lot better.

Looking back at the previous looks’ photos and these, I guess I prefer this boxier silhouette more because 1. it masks my huge arms and 2. it actually feels like something I can run around in the whole day.

If you’re wondering where I am and what I was doing in these photos, I was actually running around and sweating the whole day at my brother’s family day.

Top: Forme| Culottes: Let’s Stylize

Did you notice the empty cup & spoon at the side?

Don’t litter!

Issa P.

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