Smoothie Bowls, Poke Bowls, All Day Bfast Meals & Cool Vibe @ Cooee, Cebu

First of all, I know you’re all wondering what Cooee means and most of all- how to pronounce it. For starters, it means “come over/ come here” in Aussie slang and it’s pronounced as koo-wee, preferably in a high pitched tone. Like I like to say, you learn something new every day!

Cooee, which is a passion venture between friends and their love of food and adventures, is home of baked, blended, brewed & juiced goodness. By the slogan alone, you can expect food offerings of desserts & pastries, smoothies/ smoothie bowls, brewed coffee and different juices. Aside from that they also offer all day breakfast variations, tropical poke bowls, healthy breakfast offerings, sandwiches and so much more!

I super love how the interiors are super chic and chill. It’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends, take photos and enjoy yummy food. I was really impressed by their selections and how affordable they are and the amount of their servings.

Just to give you an idea- a poke bowl with salmon sashimi (which a friend said was comparable to the ones in Bali) costs only P245.00!

While I won’t go into detail about every dish that we had (or will I), my general opinion is that if you have a knack for interesting dishes and tastes that are well loved around the world then you would definitely find comfort in their offering. It’s a great mix of tropical, sweet and savoury food and if you’re looking healthier options whether it be food or drinks- there’s definitely a wide selection to choose from here.

Ohana Bowl Bowl – P 245.00

Cooee Breakfast – P 245.00

Fruit Medley Waffles – P 195.00

Mahalo Bowl – 245.00 (Vegetarian dish!)

Aloha Bowl – P 245.00

Greek Yogurt Bowl – P245.00

Big Breakfast Combi – P 195.00

Mango Float

Tropikale Smoothie Bowl – P245.00

Strawberry Yogurt Bowl – P 245.00

Makai Bowl – P 245.00 (Seafood option!)

Acai Bowl – P 245.00


Cooee is currently located at the Ground Floor of Raintree Mall (behind Greenwich).
Operating days are Monday – Saturdays from 8:00 am – 12:00 mn

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more details & promos!

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Healthy Meal Options at Tazza Cafe

The holidays may be over but there are still reasons to celebrate! If you’re on a mission to fulfill your New Years’ resolutions of eating healthy and watching what you eat, Tazza Cafe is definitely one place that should be on your list.

What I find particularly great about Cafe Tazza is that they do not only cater to those health conscious people but to the everyday diner making dining out with friends a lot easier as they cater to any and every meal preference.

Whether you’re out for a good cuppa Joe, desserts or food- Cafe Tazza is the perfect one stop shop for families, friends or people looking cozy place to meet.

Classic Fish Cake (Php 290)

Torched Salmon and Quinoa Salad (Php 360)

Smoked Salmon salad

Hot chocolate milk

Cold brew coffee

I definitely had a pleasant time during my visit there and would highly recommend anyone reading this blog to give them a visit! They are located at Banilad Town Center and in Wilson st., Lahug.

For reservations & inquiries, contact them on Facebook or give them a call at (032) 263 5321

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Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino Celebrates Buwan Ng Wika w/ Celebrity Chef Couple + August Promotions

In line with our Buwan Ng Wika, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino brings the countries culinary power couple, Chef Lau and Chef Jac Laudico, to Cebu to share with diners their own twist and take on all our classic Pinoy favorites.

For P898.00/ person, get to experience Chef Lau and Chef Jac’s interesting takes on Filipino food such as their adobong krispy kang kong, kinilaw with a hint of their specially made sauce and many more! Diners are also invited to enjoy Waterfront’s buffet offerings from the Uno Restaurant




Aside from having celebrity chef’s over, Waterfront also has a couple of offerings that you, your friends and family are sure to enjoy:


    If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, you’re in luck! As a special treat to birthday celebrants for the month of August, celebrants get to dine for free when and will receive their very own birthday cake when they come with four other guests. Just make sure to bring 2 valid ID’s.
  2. 10 + 5 PROMO
    Come in a big group to Waterfront’s Cafe Uno and 5 diners out of a group of 15 get to eat for free!

For more updates and promotions, follow Waterfront of Facebook

For reservations: (032) 232-6888 ext. 8605 / 1-800-10-9376688
or visit their official website

Thanks for the cooking tips, Chefs!

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Radisson Blu Offers Japanese Cuisine at SushiSake

Radisson Blu has always been Cebu’s premiere spot when it comes to exceptional dining, facilities and top of the line treatment. Urban Table and Feria, which are Radisson Blu’s headlining restaurants both offer delectable international cuisine with a great view to pair.

In addition to this, Radisson Blu is raising the bar yet again by expanding their food selections through their newest restaurant, Sushi Sake which is poshly situated at the lobby-side which offers a great view of the hotel front and allows them access to their lounge area. Although it is located among open spaces, this 21 seater area offers guests an intimate environment perfect for those who enjoy having a small space of their own.

With a variety of Japanese favorites to choose from (scroll down for menu), the highlight of Sushi Sake would definitely have to be their choices of maki which were carefully curated by Sushi Sake’s head chef, Chef Jefferson “Jeff” Yalung. During my visit there, I was able to sample 6 of best offerings which were the Dynamite Sushi Roll, the Surf & Turf Roll, the Dragon Roll, the Spicy Salmon Roll, The Spicy Crab Roll and the Special California Roll.

Each handmade roll was a burst of individual and distinct flavors making each and every pop an experience of its own. You could tell just by the looks of it that each ingredient used was of top quality and preparation which can always be expected from Radisson Blu hotels.

Chef Jefferson “Jeff” Yalung

Mochi Ice Cream with Fresh Mango

Seasame Seed Panna Cotta and Coconut Ice Cream

Yuzu Tart with Sake Meringue and Green Tea Ice Cream

3/ 12 of the premium sake’s offered at Sushi Sake


Sushi Sake opens at 6:00 pm onwards. For reservations, you may contact 032 4029900
To find out more about Radisson Blu, follow them on Facebook & Instagram.
Book your next vacation by clicking on their website.


The Pyramid Opens In It Park, Cebu- Menu, Prices & Everything Else You Need To Know

Pyramids have always symbolized great things amongst men. For example, Mfuniselwa Bhengu believed that pyramids symbolized consciousness of strength and energy; some believe it is a symbol of life & death; The Egyptians believed pyramids held a great significance on their great spiritual quest and in our more modern times, some kooks believe it’s the symbol of a secret society that drives the very core of industries and subconscious aka the Illuminati. (Sorry, I really just had to throw that in there. lol.)

 Here in Cebu, pyramids or The Pyramid rather, symbolizes opportunity; companionship and a new place for locals and guests to appreciate Cebuano culture, art, food and of course, the people.

In my April vlog, I take you inside The Pyramid even before they had opened their doors to the public so I could sample a few of the dishes that they had been preparing before opening. I was invited again some time this month to sample MORE of their food during their soft opening and fast forward to present day, now can YOU!

Cebu is small and word’s gotten around that the proprietor of The Pyramid is the same businessmen who brought us Coffee Prince so naturally the next question would be is, “so, is it a coffee shop?” No, but they do serve coffee, if that’s what you’re looking for. The Pyramid is actually a food, wine and tapas lounge with fusion cuisine and lots of other food to choose from!

Menu from Zomato

Croquettas (parma ham & cheese) – P120.00 (3 pcs.)/ P220.00 (6 pcs.)| Gambas Bruschettas (shrimp with cherry tomato) – P95.00| Eggplant Omelet– P105.00

Classic Caesar – P245.00| Cold Cuts & Cheese (varied prices depending on cold cuts)

Chicken Wings – P180.00

French Macarons – P35.00/ pc.


Aglio Olio with shrimp – P220.00

Carbonara – P240.00

Crispy Pata – P399.00

Ham & Cheese- P210.00

Craft Beers
Bliss Point/ Drop Zone/ Midnight Blur – P190.00

White Wine

Pyramid Signature Drinks
Lady Dragon-
 P255.00| Purple Haze – P275.00


If you’re looking for a swanky place that won’t break bank but will still allow you to enjoy a great view together with friends and family, The Pyramid is the place for you. Its glass panels widen up the entire space and there are lots of nooks and corners for you to choose from whether you’re looking for a relaxing winding down sesh with a loved one, a loud get together with friends or just a quick catch up over coffee or drinks.

The Pyramid also displays a few art pieces which should be a joy to check out. Make sure to bring your cameras because every corner is just soo cute! <3

The Pyramid is located at West Geonzon Road, Lahug (or acorss E-Block 2).

Opening hours are from 4:00 pm – 2:00 am

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and reservations.


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Breakfast Selections at Circa 1900’s, Circa Dos

I’m not a huge fan of grand breakfasts for the main reason that I have the most unfortunate allergy on the face of the earth- I’m allergic to eggs which immediately makes the most important meal of the day a whole lot less eventful. Although I may not be a fan of waking up early and eating something that could potentially harm me, I am however, a big fan of hanging out with my girlfriends especially if it’s with an amazing view!

Circa 1900’s more millennial and up beat counterpart, Casa Dos (located in the same vicinity), is complete with Colonial architecture and interior, a pool and garden view, a wine and tapas lounge and now an interesting breakfast menu on top of their already existing food selections making them the top choice for anyone who’s looking for a good place to start the day.

Circa Dos’ breakfast menu may seem short but it is certainly not limited. They’ve created a good mixture of food meant to help you be fit, allow you to indulge, explore the intriguing tastes of organic plates or perhaps enjoy a classic pinoy breakfast and even eat your heart out to a hungry breakfast platter- which is how Circa Dos’ has categorized their selection. They also have a few interesting side dishes such as crocodile tocino & ostrich tapa!

ORGANIC. 2 fresh organic eggs served with thick cut wholemeal toast- P185.00

FIT. Sliced fresh tropical fruit with honey & strawberry citrus dip – P 195.00

PINOY. Fried eggs and garlic rice with choice of 2 items, homemade beef tenderloin tapa, longaniza, homemade chicken tocino or danggit – P 270.00

HUNGRY. Eggs any style with hash browns, beef sausage, bacon, saute garlic mushrooms, roast tomato & toast- P375.00

INDULGE. English muffin with salmon garvlax & cream scrambled eggs – P 315.00

SIDES. Crocodile tocino – P 295.00

SIDES. Ostrich Tapa – P 295.00

Make sure to go with friends and to make as many memories as possible <3

Check out my friends: Ron, Keisee, Jean & Marianna

Find out more about them on Facebook and on their official website!

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Kayu Kitchen + Bar, Lahug, Cebu

Kayu Kitchen + Bar seemed intimidating to me at first. I had seen and heard about them on social media (where else?), I had asked numerous friends who’ve been there about it yet, I had never actually made an effort to go there. If memory serves me right, my friends described the place as interesting, in the higher price range and worth trying- looking back at it now, I had reserved my visit to Kayu for a special occasion perhaps with family or a loved one. Luckily for me, I got a special invite before those two things actually happen!

I’m not a food blogger, which is why I will keep my opinion to a minimum, mostly because I don’t know much about the process that went behind the creation of these dishes. I mean, just take a look at those dishes, it takes a professional or someone who really knows their stuff to give this place a fair review and that is obviously not me so…
Don’t be disappointed in me, guys, I don’t even think I’ve ever had most of these dishes before nor is it something I would imagine myself craving for on any random day… all I know is that they look pretty and that’s already a +1 in my book! lol.

But if you really wanted my opinion, I would generally describe Kayu as a date place or somewhere you would want to go to celebrate a special occasion perhaps a birthday, a family gathering, an anniversary or for a fancy dinner (if that’s what you like to do…) . It’s roomy, it has a great view and the entire place just oozes of sophistication! The scenery is amazing, it’s very romantic and truthfully, the food is another experience itself.

So less chatter, more photos… Here are Kayu’s Kitchen + Bar’s dishes:


Beetroot salad/ P270.00
goat’s milk ricotta, tzatziki, guava gel, orange garam masala vinaigrette

Tomato Sriracha Soup
Spiced Bleack Beans, Chorizo [included in lunch set]

Scallion Appetizer/ P380.00
USDA ribeye, house pickled slaw,  chili bean aiolo, honey glazed peanuts

“Fish Taco”/ P 320
crispy fish skin, spicy glazed tuna, pear, sesame

Belly Chips/ P190
Pork Belly, Nuoc Cham


Glazed Salmon/ P590
Sushi rice cake, bokchoy, teriyaki

Duck Confit/ P 490
soy bean cassoulet, strawberry glazed cabbage, cilantro

Braised Shortrib/ P950
cornbread puree, braised shallot, beech mushroom, demi glaze

Poached Red Snapper/ P450
Coconut rice, banana puree, gochujang foam

Charred Octopus/ P450
Squash risotto, grilled grapefruit, romesco

Pork Pork Pork/ P650
grilled apple puree, sauce chasseur, braised cabbage, shiitake risotto


“Potted” Chocolate Tiramisu/ P240
sabayon, crunchy hazelnut meringue, coffee sponge, chocolate sand, strawberry gelee, vanilla sauce

Sizzling Caramel & Banana plate

    Here’s the full menu:

Sanson Road Rockwell Cebu, Cebu City
(032) 406 3095

Operating hours:

Tuesday – Sunday
LUNCH: 11:30am – 2:30pm
DINNER: 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday
10:00pm – 12:00mn



Issa P.

Sushi Boy Introduces New Japanese- Filipino Inspired Items!

There’s a common misconception that good Japanese food usually hurts ones pocket but at Sushi Boy, anyone can enjoy great tasting food that is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or taste.

Their menu includes a variety of maki, sushi, rice bowls, sashimi and yakimono among many others with their bestselling items being: gyudon, ramen-tantan, gyoza, and California maki using only high-quality ingredients for each and every masterpiece.

This contemporary sushi bar combines everything we love about Japanese oriental food and Western industrial interiors to give us not only a gastronomical experience but a  visually pleasing experience at the same time. With their distinct container van housing, Sushi Boy is a 101-square-meter restaurant that can accommodate over a hundred diners making it a perfect place for dates, small intimate gatherings and even parties!

Sushi Bar takes pride in merging Japanese and Filipino tastes which makes them stand out among the rest. Their takes on Chicken Karaage, Crispy Tuna Sisig and Tuna Salpicao are modern tasting and are a refreshing twist to the more traditional flavors, making great additions to their existing menu.

Sushi Boy is currently located at Ouano Avenue, NRA , Subangdaku, Cebu City, Philippines but will soon but opening their second branch at the Garden Bloc of Cebu IT Park!

Follow Sushi Boy on Facebook for menu updates & promotions!

Make sure to tag them on Instagram!


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Lovey Doggy Cafe: The First and Only Dog Cafe in Cebu

Cebuano dog lovers rejoice- the first ever dog cafe in Cebu, Lovey Doggy Cafe, is finally open! Located at the GQS Plaza (in between UC Banilad & Petron Gas Station), you can now spend the afternoon cuddling with extremely cute and friendly furry friends of different shapes and sizes.


For P100.00/ person, customers can spend a maximum of 1 hour inside the Playpen where you can also bring your four legged buddies inside- given that you can provide their updated vet cards. This small and reasonable fee, plus a minimum food/ drink purchase of P100.00/customer also allows you to lounge around their second floor which is cutely designed after outdoor parks except, with indoor ventilation. Yess.







Once inside the playpen, customers can play and feed these friendly babies with the available doggy treats that are sold for only P10.00. I highly suggest that you invest in a couple of packs to catch their attention otherwise, you’ll end up chasing them and relying on your distraction skills to actually catch their attention (like what we had to do!).

There are a few rules that should strictly be practiced upon entering the playpen such as: no flash photography, no picking up & walking with the dogs, no feeding of human food and etc. These are to ensure the safety of the dogs and of the customers so that everyone can have a good time. I highly encourage everyone who plans to make a visit to the cafe to take the time to read these rules because dogs can be as playful or as vicious as you make them so it’s always good to be safe and to treat them with the utmost care and respect.

A few breeds that inhabit Lovey Doggy are: a Corgi, a couple of Pugs, a French Bulldog, a Siberian Husky, a Poodle, a Beagle, a Pomeranian and a Chow-chow. They’re all friendly and bursting with energy but should be left alone during their “down” times- they eventually get tired from all the eating and playing, yo











As far as interior goes, the second floor which is purely devoted to lounging and enjoying their food selections is beautifully decorated and perfectly maintains the whole “dog park” theme. With striped couches, comfortable lounge chairs and fake grass carpeting the floors, even your own pets will feel right at home with you as you wait for your turn at the playpen or relax after having spent some time playing.

I would definitely spend the day here with friends, kids and family!


For doggy related updates, follow Lovey Doggy on their official Facebook account.

For reservations contact  0915 260 5059

Operating hours are everyday from 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Woof on,
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Lucky 8: Eat All You Can for P888.00 @ UNO, Waterfront Cebu

CAFE UNO, which is located at the ground floor of Waterfront Cebu, is and has always been one of the premiere dining destinations when it comes to class and quality food and service. Although Cafe Uno has been around for quite some time, having garnered the loyalty of avid foodies, there is still a common perception that hotel food can be a bit pricey. And I can’t lie, there might be some truth in that, but I believe that some things in life are worth spending for and that you always get your money’s worth especially from a prestigious hotel chain.

But now, at P888.00, food lovers can finally enjoy their famous buffet without having to worry about breaking bank. At this reasonable price, you can now take advantage of their buffet that highlights the best food all around the world like sashimi from Japan, lechon from the Philippines, laksa from Singapore, pasta from Italy and many more!

For those who are thinking that their food selection might not be as huge as compared to the common trend of buffet chains lately, you can expect that each dish at Cafe Uno is always up to par. Quality over quantity is what I always say 🙂

Here are a few photos from my recent trip there:






Salad bar with fresh vegetables, cold cuts and cheese- the perfect appetizers



Japanese station with tuna sashimi and different maki rolls





The Filipino station with all our homegrown favorites




The Chinese and Singaporean section where you can create your own soup dish


Pasta section




DSCF2314Drink all you can beer


For more updates and promos, follow Watefront Cebu on Facebook

This post made me hungry,

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