TREND ALERT! Tinted Shades & Gingham

I believe it is safe to say that 90’s fashion has officially made a comeback!!! I think I’ve said this already somewhere on this site but in case you are new here, let me say it again: THE 90’S ARE BACK!

I realize that there are two sides to this flashback with the first point being: wasn’t the 90’s fashion kinda tacky? and secondly… well, that’s the only point I can think of right now. But who cares? I don’t!

I was born and raised in the 90’s and though some of the styles are a little bit over the top e.g. holo skirts and neon everything, I grew up spending hours browsing through glossy pages of magazines imagining of one day being able to pull off those styles… and that time is now!

L_U_E_U_R sent me a package with this gingham crop top and pink tinted shades and I was shookt! Here’s how I wore it:

The rose tinted shades and gingham were already pretty bold statements so I decided to mute it out by just pairing it with some denim jeans. For footwear, I would top this look off with some white Keds (if I had any!)

I’ve got a whole lot of OOTDS I cannot wait to share with you all- I’ve just been a bit busy with work and spending time with family. Please bear with me, I love you all!


Issa <3

Not So Dirty Laundry

My summers are always a little behind in terms of Philippine weather well, either that or they always seem to be a little longer than expected (on account of visiting family). But if it means getting to lounge in a bikini regardless if it’s a gloomy or a sunny day, I really can’t complain! Life seems to be much better when you’re wearing something bright and playful, anyways.
For this beach trip, I was glad to have brought my Laundry Clothing crotchet bikini with me which coincidentally matched the pastel blue hotel walls perfectly. In reality, I wasn’t able to swim on this trip because… uhhh… anyways… but being to sport this piece for at least a few hours still made it well worth the trip!


For your very own crocheted bikinis, make sure to get them from Laundry Clothing!

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Smell ya later,

Issa P.

Can 24 Year Old’s Still Wear Crop Tops?

2015-08-28 05.39.57 1

2015-08-28 05.39.50 1

What do sick girls do to kill time? We blog. I’m probably supposed to be in bed right now but I’ve been so unproductive for the past 2 days that I just wanna get up and run a marathon or something. Ugh. Thank God for back logs!

Here’s something that I wore a couple of weeks ago before I recolored my hair and thought that showing off my bra-strap was acceptable. It’s not, but I did it anyways. **arrest me**

2015-08-28 05.39.48 2

2015-08-28 05.39.44 2

2015-08-28 05.39.43 1

Crop top: Forever 21| Darth Maul necklace: Lilila Primitive Art| Shorts: Department Store Find| Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

This is probably why I’m so sick, because I forgot to put clothes on in this insane weather… -.-

AND YES! 24 year old’s can wear whatever the heck we want!

Stay Healthy,


Be Gentle





You never know how a photograph turns out. When Jing and I were shooting these set of photos, I initially went towards a laid back; easy breezy theme in my head and then BAM! I find myself looking like some risque bombshell waiting to jump on you or you to jump on me. (whichever works, really. HAHA) But you know, I’m not even mad. If anything, I’m impressed and also, completely dependent on Jing now. He really knows how to make a girl look good. :)))





Life lately has been really hectic with work, meetings, blogging and trying to maintain a personal life with all my weird hobbies and interests. As of today, I am now a proud owner of my very own top of the line camera and I can not wait to turn this blog up another notch.

So tonight, I leave you with this:

Always follow your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. 

My dream was to write and make something out of myself in the world of fashion no matter how big or small and although I’m not quite there yet, I am still somewhere and that is definitely better than being nowhere. When you’re doing the things you love, there is no place for hatred; jealousy or resentment but only contentment and gratitude. It is easier to be happy for others and to share your happiness, as well. So there.








Crotchet top: Given| Camisole: Forever 21 Basics| Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch



Sandals: Car Car

Photography: Jing Pascual



Blank Space

2015-01-07 11.12.28 2

2015-01-07 11.12.37 2

Starting the year with a blank canvas and sporting an all white ensemble to symbolize the start of something new and awesome!

While many may think that white can be plain and boring, I beg to differ especially when mixed with the right textiles and patterns like this piece from Style Haven.

2015-01-07 11.12.49 2

2015-01-07 11.13.01 2

2015-01-07 11.14.02 2

White is always a great color to work with especially when trying out new colors (or new eyebrows. Never again, I promise) which can oftentimes be scary.

I’m slowly trying to incorporate rustic hues in my life which can be seen from my sheets and white has been a great medium to ease me into it.

So there, my first piece of advice for 2015: start simple and build up from there. 🙂

2015-01-07 11.16.14 2

2015-01-07 11.13.14 2



Style Haven

10408596_725717904189593_7511295577418544548_nalso an establishment where you can buy “investment pieces”.

Fashion trends come and go but there are always a few staple, classic and timeless pieces that wouldn’t be so bad to splurge on- these are called investment pieces. Although the shopping scene at Parkmall is mostly known for its tiangge style, serious shoppers can now breathe a sigh of relief because now, there’s a place where you can now find pieces that will last you a lifetime!

I took a little trip there a couple of weeks ago and I was enthralled (oooh, big word Issa!) to find branded items such a BCBG, Little Monsters, Ralph Lauren and many more. Everything from their bags, shoes to garment pieces were uniquely hand picked by the owner, Maritoni Pereyra, herself from her recent travels to the States and certain parts of Asia.

Here are a few of my favorite items:









10712857_725715960856454_6965371272613404335_nStyle Haven, which is located at the second floor of the Parkmall keeps true to its name- not only is it a safe haven for women who are keen on style but it is

I really need this striped black and white dress in my life right now. I am dead serious.

Be sure to check them out at the 2nd floor of Parkmall, Cebu.

Open during mall hours.

Worth every single penny! <3



Hobo? Boho?


I’ve always been a huge fan of layering which is unfortunate because I live in such a humid city. Sometimes, I go against the weather and go full boho despite the weather because… I’ve just got to let that girl out, you know?

Because I knew I was going to spend the entire day at the mall, I decided to stick to light materials- as hot as this outfit looks, it’s actually really breezy and lightweight!



A lot of people are going to tell you that you need to dress a certain way or look at you differently when you step out of the norms- but if you feel good in what you’re wearing, that’s really the only thing that should matter.

I get teased a lot for being too “fashown” by people who I honestly could care less about. The more I’ve been getting into blogging, the more people think they are entitled to their own opinion about me… as if I knew them or they knew me.

I guess people will always want to have an opinion (even if it’s wrong and stupid) but it’s up to us to choose which ones are logical enough to be given our time of the day.

So chin up, young ones! Don’t let anyone or anything phase you.


Hat: Cotton On| Crop top: Forever 21| Skirt: Let’s Stylize



I Chase Sunsets & Dreams. Not Boys & Their Petty Needs.


No intended aggression from this blog post. It rhymes and sounds cute so yey!



I tried to take these photos right before sunset because I completely forgot to take them any earlier and by the time I remembered, it was too late!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve worn these pants before here  but I wanted to show you guys how I would wear it on a regular day- fully clothed and everything.



I never really had an exact way to describe how I dressed until today and it’s lazy and sloppy. Yep, not to under mind myself or anything but I love everything loose and fuss free which is probably why you’ll often catch me in maxi skirts and flowly crop tops.

But I understand that as much as I love to be lazy, I also have to consider my body type and what looks good on my body which is why I often pair loose pieces with tiny or fitting pieces.

I got this top at a local department store (*cough*cough*Gasiano Carcar) after  eyeing it for a couple of weeks and I think it was the perfect addition to this Vanessa Hudgens phase I’ve been going through a lot lately because 1. it’s white, 2. crocheted, 3. cinched at the hem.

I can’t wait to wear it with denim cut offs or daisy duke shorts and boots because it totally makes sense, right?


Issa P.

Better Than This Weather feat. Sanuk, Cebu






It’s like I can never say it enough… Cebu’s weather is totally whack!

One minute I’m in a summery ensemble ready to hit an event and the next, I’m scurrying to find a cardigan to match! It’s like these rain clouds come out of nowhere so I’m always finding myself having to pack an extra layer of clothing just in case.

There really isn’t an “ideal” way to dress for this weather and I think we’re all aware of this since it’s the only thing us fashion bloggers can seem to talk about these days. But the problem is real… the solution however, may often be hazy.


And although my #OOTD may not look as prepared to combat any weather, at least I know my shoes are. These babies from Sanuk’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection are perfect whether it’s raining or shining outside.

Sanuk, which name is directly derived from the Thai word meaning happy, is known to attract people who love hitting the outdoors. They are constructed from innovative technology to ensure maximum comfort and durability and they are super stylish as well.

They can easily take anyone from the beach, to the mall and straight to the mountains for quick hike which is perfect for the Cebuano lifestyle!


Floral crop top: SM Department store brand, Betty (gift from Chay Ramirez. Love you always, Chay!)| High waist shorts: Gaisano Car-car| Shoes: Sanuk| Shades:  Forever21 (similar here)


For days like this when then the weather is off but I need some flower power to brighten the mood, I always pack a bright colored cardigan just in case it drizzles.

In addition to my cute and versatile shoes, keeping a cardi in my bag gives me the quick option to dress up or down as I please. It might add a little extra baggage but I like to carry big bags anyways so I don’t seem to mind.

 Congratulations to Sanuk for opening their new store at the 2nd level, new wing of Ayala! Thanks for having us and of course, for my new favorite pair of shoes :*


With Doyzkie (, Toni (, Marco ( and Jean (



AzTec- AzToc


I’ve been investing a lot in matching sets lately mostly because it saves me a lot of time deciding what to wear and it’s great for making a statement when you don’t really have the time (or in my case, the willpower) to look dressed to kill.

Also, my Chinese side gets such a kick out of these purchases  because it’s like I’m investing in two pieces rather than spending the same amount on just one piece. It’s such a budget saver!



Bag: Ecko Red


Crop top & Maxi skirt: Let’s Stylize

1555375_706542499440467_4829622215499039435_n (1)




Rings: Forever 21



 The material of this maxi skirt is a very soft kind of cotton which means, I had to very specific when choosing out my underwear. Luckily, Zalora has a wide selection of underwear to choose from and the seamless panty I bought did the trick!

You can find more of their collection here:

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!



Photo credits:

Jean Yu (