Blank Space

2015-01-07 11.12.28 2

2015-01-07 11.12.37 2

Starting the year with a blank canvas and sporting an all white ensemble to symbolize the start of something new and awesome!

While many may think that white can be plain and boring, I beg to differ especially when mixed with the right textiles and patterns like this piece from Style Haven.

2015-01-07 11.12.49 2

2015-01-07 11.13.01 2

2015-01-07 11.14.02 2

White is always a great color to work with especially when trying out new colors (or new eyebrows. Never again, I promise) which can oftentimes be scary.

I’m slowly trying to incorporate rustic hues in my life which can be seen from my sheets and white has been a great medium to ease me into it.

So there, my first piece of advice for 2015: start simple and build up from there. 🙂

2015-01-07 11.16.14 2

2015-01-07 11.13.14 2



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