Frying Now: Fry High, Urgello

Urgello is surprisingly popping up with great, quaint little shops around the area that caters to students, residents and the adventurous foodies in Cebu, Fry High being one of them.

We’re always looking for new places to eat near our place (because let’s be honest, there aren’t too many of them in the South) so when I got the invitation to check out the place, I couldn’t pass it off!

To paint you a pretty picture, Fry High is located along the busy roads of J. Urgello street or along Sacred Heart Hospital. It’s a small shop at the side of the road and you have to keep an open eye out for it or you could possibly miss it. Be extra attentive because once you spot interiors that are beautifully plastered with black and white  murals, you’ve found the right place! Unfortunately, there is no parking in front of the store but you can park at a walking distance from it.

As I scanned the menu, I was delighted at how affordable each meal was. With meals ranging from P20.00- P99.00, I then asked myself if the food, at those prices, could possibly be any good. I mean, something that costs this cheap can’t be THAT good, right? Wrong, again.

I was able to gather that Fry High isn’t just an affordable place to dine after class or after a drunken night out, it’s a product of love. The owner of this establishment loves to cook and has an amazing way of putting a twist on already interesting pieces which are evident in dishes such as: maling sticks, dynamite, corndoggy, burger high, canton toppings, chicken proven, tuna high flakes, cheesedog balls and a lot more!

Paolo and I made a visit during dinner time and here are the photos:

As you already know, I cannot stand spicy food so I kept a nice distance from the dynamite and sisig but curiosity got the best of me and I tried it out anyways. I enjoyed both until the spice kicked in then, I was downing glasses of water until I couldn’t anymore. Paolo, on the other hand, went to town with them and ended up finishing my left overs.

We truly enjoyed our experience there and came home with full stomachs and hearts. My favorites were the ginabot, chicken and calamares but I can’t wait to go back and try out their corndoggy, burger high, batchoy, pancit canton toppings, proven and cheesedog balls. Now, that’s obviously a lot of food I want to try which means, I’ll have to make multiple trips which I completely do not mind. The ambiance there is super chill and they even have board games for you to enjoy while waiting or after enjoying your meal.

Get directions here

Fry High is open all day, everyday and can accommodate around 20 people. You can also hold private events there that can be coursed through their Facebook page.

Bring cash when you visit and make sure to come on an empty stomach!

Fry High my loves,
Issa P.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino Celebrates Buwan Ng Wika w/ Celebrity Chef Couple + August Promotions

In line with our Buwan Ng Wika, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino brings the countries culinary power couple, Chef Lau and Chef Jac Laudico, to Cebu to share with diners their own twist and take on all our classic Pinoy favorites.

For P898.00/ person, get to experience Chef Lau and Chef Jac’s interesting takes on Filipino food such as their adobong krispy kang kong, kinilaw with a hint of their specially made sauce and many more! Diners are also invited to enjoy Waterfront’s buffet offerings from the Uno Restaurant




Aside from having celebrity chef’s over, Waterfront also has a couple of offerings that you, your friends and family are sure to enjoy:


    If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, you’re in luck! As a special treat to birthday celebrants for the month of August, celebrants get to dine for free when and will receive their very own birthday cake when they come with four other guests. Just make sure to bring 2 valid ID’s.
  2. 10 + 5 PROMO
    Come in a big group to Waterfront’s Cafe Uno and 5 diners out of a group of 15 get to eat for free!

For more updates and promotions, follow Waterfront of Facebook

For reservations: (032) 232-6888 ext. 8605 / 1-800-10-9376688
or visit their official website

Thanks for the cooking tips, Chefs!

Issa P.


Radisson Blu Offers Japanese Cuisine at SushiSake

Radisson Blu has always been Cebu’s premiere spot when it comes to exceptional dining, facilities and top of the line treatment. Urban Table and Feria, which are Radisson Blu’s headlining restaurants both offer delectable international cuisine with a great view to pair.

In addition to this, Radisson Blu is raising the bar yet again by expanding their food selections through their newest restaurant, Sushi Sake which is poshly situated at the lobby-side which offers a great view of the hotel front and allows them access to their lounge area. Although it is located among open spaces, this 21 seater area offers guests an intimate environment perfect for those who enjoy having a small space of their own.

With a variety of Japanese favorites to choose from (scroll down for menu), the highlight of Sushi Sake would definitely have to be their choices of maki which were carefully curated by Sushi Sake’s head chef, Chef Jefferson “Jeff” Yalung. During my visit there, I was able to sample 6 of best offerings which were the Dynamite Sushi Roll, the Surf & Turf Roll, the Dragon Roll, the Spicy Salmon Roll, The Spicy Crab Roll and the Special California Roll.

Each handmade roll was a burst of individual and distinct flavors making each and every pop an experience of its own. You could tell just by the looks of it that each ingredient used was of top quality and preparation which can always be expected from Radisson Blu hotels.

Chef Jefferson “Jeff” Yalung

Mochi Ice Cream with Fresh Mango

Seasame Seed Panna Cotta and Coconut Ice Cream

Yuzu Tart with Sake Meringue and Green Tea Ice Cream

3/ 12 of the premium sake’s offered at Sushi Sake


Sushi Sake opens at 6:00 pm onwards. For reservations, you may contact 032 4029900
To find out more about Radisson Blu, follow them on Facebook & Instagram.
Book your next vacation by clicking on their website.


Kayu Kitchen + Bar, Lahug, Cebu

Kayu Kitchen + Bar seemed intimidating to me at first. I had seen and heard about them on social media (where else?), I had asked numerous friends who’ve been there about it yet, I had never actually made an effort to go there. If memory serves me right, my friends described the place as interesting, in the higher price range and worth trying- looking back at it now, I had reserved my visit to Kayu for a special occasion perhaps with family or a loved one. Luckily for me, I got a special invite before those two things actually happen!

I’m not a food blogger, which is why I will keep my opinion to a minimum, mostly because I don’t know much about the process that went behind the creation of these dishes. I mean, just take a look at those dishes, it takes a professional or someone who really knows their stuff to give this place a fair review and that is obviously not me so…
Don’t be disappointed in me, guys, I don’t even think I’ve ever had most of these dishes before nor is it something I would imagine myself craving for on any random day… all I know is that they look pretty and that’s already a +1 in my book! lol.

But if you really wanted my opinion, I would generally describe Kayu as a date place or somewhere you would want to go to celebrate a special occasion perhaps a birthday, a family gathering, an anniversary or for a fancy dinner (if that’s what you like to do…) . It’s roomy, it has a great view and the entire place just oozes of sophistication! The scenery is amazing, it’s very romantic and truthfully, the food is another experience itself.

So less chatter, more photos… Here are Kayu’s Kitchen + Bar’s dishes:


Beetroot salad/ P270.00
goat’s milk ricotta, tzatziki, guava gel, orange garam masala vinaigrette

Tomato Sriracha Soup
Spiced Bleack Beans, Chorizo [included in lunch set]

Scallion Appetizer/ P380.00
USDA ribeye, house pickled slaw,  chili bean aiolo, honey glazed peanuts

“Fish Taco”/ P 320
crispy fish skin, spicy glazed tuna, pear, sesame

Belly Chips/ P190
Pork Belly, Nuoc Cham


Glazed Salmon/ P590
Sushi rice cake, bokchoy, teriyaki

Duck Confit/ P 490
soy bean cassoulet, strawberry glazed cabbage, cilantro

Braised Shortrib/ P950
cornbread puree, braised shallot, beech mushroom, demi glaze

Poached Red Snapper/ P450
Coconut rice, banana puree, gochujang foam

Charred Octopus/ P450
Squash risotto, grilled grapefruit, romesco

Pork Pork Pork/ P650
grilled apple puree, sauce chasseur, braised cabbage, shiitake risotto


“Potted” Chocolate Tiramisu/ P240
sabayon, crunchy hazelnut meringue, coffee sponge, chocolate sand, strawberry gelee, vanilla sauce

Sizzling Caramel & Banana plate

    Here’s the full menu:

Sanson Road Rockwell Cebu, Cebu City
(032) 406 3095

Operating hours:

Tuesday – Sunday
LUNCH: 11:30am – 2:30pm
DINNER: 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday
10:00pm – 12:00mn



Issa P.

Sushi Boy Introduces New Japanese- Filipino Inspired Items!

There’s a common misconception that good Japanese food usually hurts ones pocket but at Sushi Boy, anyone can enjoy great tasting food that is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or taste.

Their menu includes a variety of maki, sushi, rice bowls, sashimi and yakimono among many others with their bestselling items being: gyudon, ramen-tantan, gyoza, and California maki using only high-quality ingredients for each and every masterpiece.

This contemporary sushi bar combines everything we love about Japanese oriental food and Western industrial interiors to give us not only a gastronomical experience but a  visually pleasing experience at the same time. With their distinct container van housing, Sushi Boy is a 101-square-meter restaurant that can accommodate over a hundred diners making it a perfect place for dates, small intimate gatherings and even parties!

Sushi Bar takes pride in merging Japanese and Filipino tastes which makes them stand out among the rest. Their takes on Chicken Karaage, Crispy Tuna Sisig and Tuna Salpicao are modern tasting and are a refreshing twist to the more traditional flavors, making great additions to their existing menu.

Sushi Boy is currently located at Ouano Avenue, NRA , Subangdaku, Cebu City, Philippines but will soon but opening their second branch at the Garden Bloc of Cebu IT Park!

Follow Sushi Boy on Facebook for menu updates & promotions!

Make sure to tag them on Instagram!


Issa P.

No MiSTEAKS @ St. Moritz, Cebu


I thank the Instagram and Facebook Gods yet again for leading me to a humble hotel/ restaurant that is quietly tucked away in the heart of my most loved city. If you’re a bit over 40 years old, St. Moritz might not be a secret to you as it is to us younger folks- apparently, it’s been around for a while.

Aged is definitely one of the words I would use to describe St. Moritz as it differs completely from the bustling, concrete walls and minimalist designs that oh-so-often fills our news feeds. Here, cold metal stools are wooden bar stools and linear furniture are cozy, comfortable floral fitted chairs. Sure, the interior may be a sight for sore eyes in some ways but it’s its quirkiness that grows on you plus their steaks are pretty damn good.



Mother- daughter dates are always things that I look forward to especially if my mom gets the bill when it’s somewhere new and fun. I had already heard of St. Moritz and had added it to my list of places to go to so when my mom suggested to bring me there, I could not say no. Come on, who wants to eat a steak alone? No one.

We ordered a 450 gram rib eye steak for P1,100.00, had it slices into two and some pasta on the side just in case. Truthfully, we hardly even touched our pasta nor do I remember what it was. The steak was more than enough and I still have dreams about it until today…



I usually prefer my steaks medium rare but after much contest from my mother who paid for lunch prefers her steaks grilled medium, I had no say in the matter. Either way, I fairly enjoyed it as the meat was juicy, soft and it melted in my mouth. In fact, I opted to skip the steak sauce and eat it as it is because it was pretty flavorful already and steak sauce would feel like an insult.


Oh hello, I forgot about you…

Now if you can’t afford a steak or if you’re just looking for a new place to dine, try out or hide at then here’s a their full menu for you to contemplate on but I would push for the steak, of course. I wouldn’t wait too long to go there though, word around the city spreads fast and it is the Christmas season, after all.








Lemme me know if you’ve had any of their other dishes and what you thought about them!

For more information check out their official website

For reservations/ questions, contact: +63 32 231 1148| +63 32 231 2408| +63 32 231 2477| +63 32 231 3436


Operating hours: 7:00 am – 12:00 mn| Monday – Sunday

Live long & prosper,

Issa P.

Lovey Doggy Cafe: The First and Only Dog Cafe in Cebu

Cebuano dog lovers rejoice- the first ever dog cafe in Cebu, Lovey Doggy Cafe, is finally open! Located at the GQS Plaza (in between UC Banilad & Petron Gas Station), you can now spend the afternoon cuddling with extremely cute and friendly furry friends of different shapes and sizes.


For P100.00/ person, customers can spend a maximum of 1 hour inside the Playpen where you can also bring your four legged buddies inside- given that you can provide their updated vet cards. This small and reasonable fee, plus a minimum food/ drink purchase of P100.00/customer also allows you to lounge around their second floor which is cutely designed after outdoor parks except, with indoor ventilation. Yess.







Once inside the playpen, customers can play and feed these friendly babies with the available doggy treats that are sold for only P10.00. I highly suggest that you invest in a couple of packs to catch their attention otherwise, you’ll end up chasing them and relying on your distraction skills to actually catch their attention (like what we had to do!).

There are a few rules that should strictly be practiced upon entering the playpen such as: no flash photography, no picking up & walking with the dogs, no feeding of human food and etc. These are to ensure the safety of the dogs and of the customers so that everyone can have a good time. I highly encourage everyone who plans to make a visit to the cafe to take the time to read these rules because dogs can be as playful or as vicious as you make them so it’s always good to be safe and to treat them with the utmost care and respect.

A few breeds that inhabit Lovey Doggy are: a Corgi, a couple of Pugs, a French Bulldog, a Siberian Husky, a Poodle, a Beagle, a Pomeranian and a Chow-chow. They’re all friendly and bursting with energy but should be left alone during their “down” times- they eventually get tired from all the eating and playing, yo











As far as interior goes, the second floor which is purely devoted to lounging and enjoying their food selections is beautifully decorated and perfectly maintains the whole “dog park” theme. With striped couches, comfortable lounge chairs and fake grass carpeting the floors, even your own pets will feel right at home with you as you wait for your turn at the playpen or relax after having spent some time playing.

I would definitely spend the day here with friends, kids and family!


For doggy related updates, follow Lovey Doggy on their official Facebook account.

For reservations contact  0915 260 5059

Operating hours are everyday from 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Woof on,
Issa P.

Paluto All-You-Can- Cook. Eat. Repeat @ Isla Sugbo Seafood City

Seafood City’s latest offering for the month of October is a gastronomical experience like no other. For P680.00 you can enjoy their PALUTO All- You- Can which includes their seafood, meat and a fruit platter which can be cooked according to your preference. At their discounted price, you can help yourselves to their wide array of fresh seafood choices excluding their premium items such as lobsters, crabs, grouper, stone fish and the sea mantis which are charged separately.

PALUTO All- You- Can is not for the greedy though as left overs will be charged P 1,360.00. But with food as good as theirs, left overs are highly unlikely so dine away!







Here are some shots of our feast during the launching of Paluto All- You- Can:


Steamed live suahe soy sauce


Squid Adobo


Fried fish grouper sweet and sour soup


Tinola tangigue soup


Mud crabs with salt & pepper


Grilled pork belly


Buttered lobster




Fruit platter

For reservations and inquiries, plese call +63 32 260-800

Eat Well,

Issa P.

Sugbo Mercado Dos @ Ayala Business Park


In line with Sugbo Mercado‘s goal of being able to open food markets in different key locations in the city, their newest outlet at the Ayala Business Park is a clear sign that they are well on their way! Their second branch, which is located behind CIC Main and the MSY building which is also known as the “jogging area” of Ayala, still has everything we have come to love from their first branch which includes tents, ample tables and chairs, a laid back ambiance and that awesome sense of community that is hard to find anywhere else.


I have always patronized this weekend food market because it gives closet or aspiring chefs the opportunity to put themselves out there and get an experience of how it is to run their own business. At the same time, it gives people like me the opportunity to explore my palette without going home empty handed. It’s a fair compromise for everyone plus, the view is great and the music is always on point!


If you want to catch my vlog about how to survive a night at Sugbo Mercado, check it out here.

Another thing that I love so much about Sugbo Mercado are the interesting stories of each and every vendor. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own interesting back stories which I think makes the food taste even better. There’s always something special about our homegrown establishments which you can find out more about on their blog. Their first feature is about a good friend of mine and his success story about Hala Paella and Papa Churros which you can read more about here. They’ve only featured one so far but I am so excited to read about more success stories in the near future.

On their opening weekend, they launched with around 32 vendors and the list continues to grow with each coming week so forgive me if a few of these vendors might not be there anymore or if I’ve missed out on some. But in a nutshell, here is a list of the vendors I was able to meet and their corresponding links so you can check out their menu offerings and prices:

Of course, what kind of food blog would this be without some enticing food photos? Here are some photos of the food I was able to sample during the media launch:


Herbed Chicken from Tausug Spices

DSCF0644Fried ice cream from Soul Food


Quesadillas from Bueno JC Mexicano


Seafood bowl from Fun Seafood Corner


Paella Valenciana from Hala Paella


Chicken Proben in Mediterranean & Japanese sauce


Spicy lechon belly from Kuzina Guadalupe


Taco Mac & Cheese from Macology 101


Churros from Papa Churros


Customized pasta from Yum-In-A-Box


Hawaiian Pizza Cone


Shaved Ice from Sno


Pork belly from Eat, Meat, Repeat


Pork bun from Pao Baw
DSCF0613Classic Lemonade from John Lemon


Pad Thai from Wokstarz


Enchilada from Papagayu Azul

So far my favorites have been the Proben Deluxe de Cagayan in Mediterranean & Belgian chocolate sauce, the Hawaiian Pizza cone, John Lemon’s lemonade, everything from Pow Bao, Hala Paella and Wokstarz. I’ll definitely be back this weekend to sample more because you know… why not?

Sugbo Mercado Dos will be open on the following dates: 

Sugbo Mercado-IT Park: Wednesday to Sunday, July 6-10, 5PM-1AM!

Sugbo Mercado-CBP : Thursday to Sunday, July 7-10, 4PM-12MN!

For more updates, check out their official blog here

For business inquiries, find out how to join here

Also, follow them on instagram here

Stay hungry, Stay thirsty… Stay alive,

Issa P.

Bad Boys Wingz @ The Greenery, Mabolo

I first heard about Bad Boys Wingz a couple of years ago when they first started selling at the Banilad Town Center’s weekend food fair. They were an instant hit and it wasn’t too long after that they started making a name for themselves at local food bazaars where people would flock to get a chance to try out their chicken wings. Soon after, they opened their first branch right across B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy and the entire Cebuano population rejoiced because they no longer had to wait for the weekend to feast on their well- loved wings and other menu items that were added to their selection.

Following this success, Bad Boys Wingz which is owned by the “Bad Boys of Cebu”: David Santos, Gino Ortiz and Andrew Aseniero, pushed the envelope even further and opened their second branch at The Greenery in Mabolo. If you’re a banila-phobe (a.k.a. someone who is physically incapable of enduring the Banilad- Talamban traffic) like I am, then this branch is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some and alcohol, let us not forget alcohol.





Hello little monsters!

Their second branch has 2 floors and can roughly accommodate 30- 40 people including a smoking area outside. Their industrial themed interiors are perfect for that laid back and unpretentious feel that we all look forward to at the end of a long day of work. It’s also pretty spacious so you don’t have to worry about bumping into each other while eating or getting around.


Of course, what would Bad Boys Wingz be without their signature chicken wings that come in 9 flavors: Plain Old Wings, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Bbq, Teriyaki, Siracha Honey, Mild Buffalo, Angry Buffalo and Suicide? Enjoy these favorites or their boneless chicken for P 169.00 for half a dozenP 320.00 for a dozen wings or P 430.00 for a bucket for 16  with a choice of two sauces.


Deviled eggs @ P 100.00

In case you didn’t know, I am allergic to eggs but these babies were definitely the egg high and itches I got not too long after. For the price, servings and taste, I would definitely recommend this dish to my friends who want something to much on as an appetizer.



Spicy Garlic Shrimp @ P 280.00

If you love shrimp and that subtle spicy kick in your mouth then I’m sure this is something that you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. We devoured this dish and then played with the shrimp heads after. #weirdandproud



Linguine Scampi @ P 220.00

The shrimp linguine was also one of our favorites and we made sure to bring some home for our mom so she could tell us what her opinion of it was since she really enjoys pasta. She gave it a thumbs up and vowed to come with us to sample it fresh and warm some time soon.


Bad Boys Burger @ P 250.00

The inner burger girl in me truly feels like I need to give this dish justice because I really, really, truly loved this dish. I probably skimped out a bit on the fries because I was eating soo much already but the Bad Boys Burger definitely did not disappoint. There is nothing I did not like about this burger and the patty which was cooked just right (brown on the outside, pinkish on the inside. Just how I like it!) took me all the way home. 

If you love burgers just as much as I do, PLEASE try this and love this burger like I do!


The Rib @ P 250.00

Their grilled ribs covered in their special bbq sauce was soft and tender which is how all ribs should be. The sauce was a bit sweet and barbecue-y which wasn’t overbearing but not lacking in taste either- it was just right. This was the first dish we finished and we really enjoyed the extra sauce that came with the dish and needless to say, we had our own little dipping party.


Other items on their menu also include:


Crispy Spuds – P 75.00

Spam Fries – P 150.00

French Fries – P 80.00


The Burger – P 195.00

Classic Cheese Burger – P 215.00

Shrimp Po’boy – P 230.00

Philly Cheese Steak – P 225.00


Macho Chops – P 200.00



To keep updated on Bad Boys Wingz’ latest offerings and promotions, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Operating hours are from  11:00 am – 12:00 pm

For reservations contact 0925 502 7874

Stay bad (to the bone) ,

Issa P.