Wacoal Opens Their First Boutique At SM Seaside, Cebu

Wacoal, a brand of premium intimate wear which was previously only available in department stores, has finally opened their first boutique in Cebu. Located at the Upper Ground Floor, City View of Cebu’s and the Philippines’ largest mall, SM Seaside, Wacoal not only offers exclusive designs but also exclusive discounts and offerings, as well.

I’ve always been one to believe in investing in the right undergarments whether it be panties, bras, body shapers and the like. In my perspective, if you spend on clothes that fit you well, shouldn’t the same practices be applied when it comes to the foundations of your outfit- your underwear? That’s exactly why I only invest in quality underwear! Think about it, you don’t need a million bras/ panties AND you can wear them for years at a time.

Studies show that 64% of women wear the wrong sized bra which can not only be unflattering to your body but also detrimental to your health. Wearing the wrong bra that isn’t the perfect fit can actually cause headaches, they can stretch your boobs out, back pain, unwanted bulges, indigestion and other harmful side effects. That is why Wacoal makes an extra  effort to make sure that all their customers walk out with underwear of the Perfect Fit down to the cup size, strap and especially the coverage.

My favorite part? They carry bras for breast cancer survivors at cost and they even donate to charity foundations who support the same cause.

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Here’s a quick look at their showcase:

Another thing that I greatly appreciate about Wacoal’s pioneering boutique in Cebu is the spacious dressing room that they offer to their customers. It has enough room for you to not only fit your garments but also move around and even have a private adviser come in and assess your situation and guide you in choosing the right underwear. It’s a value added service that isn’t usually found anywhere else which is exactly why I only choose the best for my best friends!

Can I get an AMEN?
Issa P.

Wearing Swim Wear As Casual Wear ft. Wacoal

In a previous workshop I gave with young teenage girls, I vowed to never wear this piece ever again simply because of the fact that I don’t like bringing that kind of attention to my “boobular” area. It’s not a word, I know but it’s fun to say so I’ll say it anyways. As a one piece bathing suit, I absolutely die from the stress of a possible mishap but as outer wear, it’s really not bad.

Am I comfortable in my skin? Not all the time, no but there are definitely some trends that I want to try out just for the sake of being adventurous. Luckily, I don’t have worry about unwanted  spillage in this skin tone bandeau bra that I got from Wacoal.

There are a lot of reasons why every woman should own a bandeau bra whether it be in black or nude but for this post, let’s focus on the obvious- it keeps everything in place with the subtly to help you pull off any outfit. Yes ladies, you CAN wear a skin bearing outfit without revealing too much!

I already own two shades of this bra style and I use it all the time especially when I want to avoid creases on fabrics that are often brought about by lacy materials or triangle bras and since none of my shirts call for neither bras, you can count on the fact that I overuse my bandeau’s. TMI? No! There’s never a good time to talk about our body’s and the right kind of under wear.

Vest: Planet XChange| Bag: Zalora| Bikini used as top: Zalora

Jeans: H&M| Heels: H&M

Specs: Executive Optical

Love Your Body Always,

Issa P.