Wearing Swim Wear As Casual Wear ft. Wacoal

In a previous workshop I gave with young teenage girls, I vowed to never wear this piece ever again simply because of the fact that I don’t like bringing that kind of attention to my “boobular” area. It’s not a word, I know but it’s fun to say so I’ll say it anyways. As a one piece bathing suit, I absolutely die from the stress of a possible mishap but as outer wear, it’s really not bad.

Am I comfortable in my skin? Not all the time, no but there are definitely some trends that I want to try out just for the sake of being adventurous. Luckily, I don’t have worry about unwanted ┬áspillage in this skin tone bandeau bra that I got from Wacoal.

There are a lot of reasons why every woman should own a bandeau bra whether it be in black or nude but for this post, let’s focus on the obvious- it keeps everything in place with the subtly to help you pull off any outfit. Yes ladies, you CAN wear a skin bearing outfit without revealing too much!

I already own two shades of this bra style and I use it all the time especially when I want to avoid creases on fabrics that are often brought about by lacy materials or triangle bras and since none of my shirts call for neither bras, you can count on the fact that I overuse my bandeau’s. TMI? No! There’s never a good time to talk about our body’s and the right kind of under wear.

Vest: Planet XChange| Bag: Zalora| Bikini used as top: Zalora

Jeans: H&M| Heels: H&M

Specs: Executive Optical

Love Your Body Always,

Issa P.

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