Taipei Fashion Diary & Tips For Dressing Up On Vacation

I am finally coming to a close with our Taipei adventures and I would like to do so with a simple run through of the outfits I was able to document while we were there.

I tried to be as versatile with my outfits as I could, considering that we weren’t quite sure of how the weather would be while visiting. The forecasts said it would be sunny and rainy so that kind of left me in a pickle. Nevertheless, I made it out alive and with ootds to spare.


Beret: Cotton On| Tshirt: fashion bazaar| Metallic pleated skirt: H&M| Fishnet socks: Forever21| Sneakers: Vans

Backpacks: Pop District Bazaar

Body suit & trousers: Forever 21/ pants| Glasses: Raohe Night Market

Top & Cover Up: Metro Department Store| Shorts: Uniqlo| Shades: Rayban

Top: Metro Department Store| Trousers: Vero Moda

Top: GU| Jogging pants: Adidas

Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing and dressing for your trips:

1. Create your itinerary BEFORE packing

2. Do NOT pack cheap sneakers.
I made the mistake of packing P250.00 department store sneakers because they matched my outfits more than walking shoes did. BIG MISTAKE. Comfort over style lagi.

3. If the weather is iffy (jumping between sunny & rain showers), just be safe and pack a light sweater or cover up.

4. You may think a plastic poncho is cute but it’s hot in there.

5. Don’t under pack thinking “I’ll buy something there”. Instead pack around 2 extra outfits.
I initially thought I would under pack so I had a reason to shop but the outfits you wear when travelling and when you get home are completely different so I wouldn’t suggest it. I did end up wearing a shirt I bought at GU but that’s only because I wanted to match the graffiti wall outside our building. Other than that, I bought clothes that I wanted to wear to events and not something I most likely wouldn’t wear when I got home.

What are your dressing/ packing tips when on vacay?

Issa P.

p.s. We head out to MATI on Saturday!

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