that story i wouldn’t tell you

there was way more to what happened during the beginning of that movie that we watched today at school than what you allowed me to say.

so if you just give me that chance right now to tell you the rest of the story then i will. even if i’ve lost interest in it, i’m going to try to manage and it in me to tell you about it. here. because it’s easier for me. and i want you to know how shameless i am now. lol

while watching “the count of monte cristo”.. for the whole class to hear…

    Sam: [refering to guy who played the count]

             “Is, mu sugot ka is, ingana ka gwapo imung ma bana? tanawa, gwapo kaayu nya dato pa gyud.”

             “Atay. Di ko oie. Basta dili si James, dili nako minyuan.”

i hope that makes you feel better.

This love is killing me, but you’re the only one

i know you’re tired of me, james.

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