The Grass Is Really Long Outside

I keep catching Cody looking outside the window lately and it’s been making me feel very bad. You know, you can entertain a dog as much as you can and trick him with, “go get it” antics but eventually they’re gonna realize that there wasn’t really anything to get to begin with.

So I took him out while Paolo took over my animal crossing and did some fishing for me. I don’t think he caught anything amazing because I’ve practically squeezed that island dry. And then miguel will come on it and catch something amazing. He’s really good at fishing on that game for some reason. I envy him.

It’s also Father’s day today and I was really depressed about it for a while. It made me wish I had a better relationship with my family in this moment & wondered if my estranged relationships with them will one day bite me in the ass.

We don’t believe in karma.

I will fight for that to never happen.

But to all the dad’s reading this- there’s not really anything for you to read here. It’s really, mostly about Cody, but happy dad’s day anyways.

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