the perfect nightmare

i don’t wanna
be your whole world. i just
want to be a tiny city. Somewhereanywhere on


Where do I begin?
There’s so much you did to me, to break my heart
You stomped on it, tore it apart
You make me get so confused
My heart is more than bruised & abused
I’m trying to move on without you

But you are standing
right in my way

i stole those from a quote chick. but i’m pretty sure she stole
it from someone else. ;p

the best thing i’ve told myself today
is that i won’t take shit for anyone
so, if you’re going to ruin my day

i don’t take shit.
but, i do speak it.
that’s for YOU!

 anyways, i’m done with the quotes thing. i did say i’d make this place into a quotes site soon. but maybe not. if i get props. [quit fooling yourself, iss. like anyone cares for your stupid quotes]

ok, so aside from my split personalities. :)) i went to get my measurements done and the likes. uh huh uh huh. <- !new favorite words! and along with that i got to see the design of the dress and all and OMFG!!  it was ever soo hideous! god! it was like, “haha. are you fucking kidding me, man?”  uh huh. uh huh. and to think, i have to sing in that thing. jesus. help?

yeah, three claps for me, i left the car door open while we got measured. fyi: they’re having it done downtown aka COLON! macarena! lmao. shopping, fine. but wedding shit. uh huh uh huh. not cool.. but, hey. what’s is anyways? 😛

and as usual the mother and daughter were rambling again and again as always. it’s soo fun to watch. :))

and they talked about alvin again. uh huh uh huh.

gtg. bed time. na kuno. like i listen to em >p




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