The Yolanda Chronicles


9:38 am

 It’s an estimated 2 hours before the eye of the storm hits my city. I am currently located in lot 3, blk 4, Park Vista Townhomes, Apas, Lahug where I am stuck with:

  • A paraplegic grandfather
  • A loony grandmother
  • A pregnant maid
  • The neediest dog in the entire world

I am writing because this house is too small for the 5 of us and if I don’t write, I will lose my mind. Also, I fear for my family who are all in V. Rama and I guess writing will help me get my mind of things.

Outside my window there is a fiesta of rain, wind and flying debris. Thank God, I am safe and sound with a roof over my head and wifi to spare. On the other hand of things, I do not know where my boyfriend is, I was forced to shower before the water shuts off and there’s really nothing to do at the moment but wait and worry.

My current thoughts as of the moment are: “my grandmother is going to kill all of us.” In the last 24 hours she was able to:

  • NOT panic shop.
  • After much persuasion from my mother and aunt, she finally did. She went out and bought… junk food. I’m going to die of starvation.
  •  At 9:00 this morning, while the wind was strong and the rain was pouring, my grandmother, in all her glory, asked the maid to go out and restock on BEER and COKE which we sell at home.
    • Businesswoman of the year.

This is how I am going to die. In a two story house, in my pink and green room, with my crazy family, with my annoying dog all over me because she won’t leave me alone because she is afraid of the rain because she is wimpy and I should have traded her for a bulldog when I had the chance.

God bless you all! Live a prosperous life for me!

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