today ; tomorrow until maybe next week

today was the last day of tests. yey for that. lol. we had filipino and english which was synch. i just hope my grades make me feel like it was. lol.

i have a new love. and no, it’s not a boy nor a school supply! it’s a book. yey. i have a new hobby. lol. it’s the diary of a crush. lol. so, in some way, a little bit of something is still involved. but it fancies the hell outta me and i’ve learned some new kick ass words like arse, kiss slut and the word fancy now fancies me and whatelse? argh. i want a vintage dress now. lol.

anyways, christmas break is almost on it’s way! all i have to go through next is our xmas party and then i’m free. i think i’ll be totally bumped out tomorrow because i have pratically been snobbed by my bandmates who might be playing tomorrow. i don’t know. i could care less right now. if i’m not wanted then i won’t beg on my knees to be wanted. but honestly… i kinda wish they’d want me. oh well, i wont need to put up with this for long. i’m almost off the hook.

the only thing that excites me about tomorrow is that i get to wear my pretty new dress that mommy bought me from bayo. i’ve been rambling on about how pretty it is and how pretty i could look in it to vince and marc. you know i know that you love me. lol.

i spent the whole day at ayala and i’ve been out for 3 days yet until now, i haven’t finished xmas shopping yet and i’m broke. who knew boys clothes costed millions. milions that i don’t have 🙁 haha.

well anyways, ima go now. i only asked for 5 minutes from people so, scram.

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