Turning Grey with The Hair Goddess (Warning: Long Post)


As soon as I found out that there was finally a Cebuana hair blogger, I could not resist myself from touching base. Blanche or The Hair Goddess, was more than willing to help me out, answer all of my obsessive questions and even do my hair for me!

I’ve been wanting to do something crazy with my hair for a long time now which is why I cut it short some time last year but somehow, I still had that itch to dye it a different color. My logic to this crazy hair transformation was that hair will eventually grow again no matter what I do to it so yesterday, I finally made the bold decision to go for grey.. or whatever color my hair is now. lol.



Questions that kept me up at night (and the answers to these questions):

1. Will my hair die if I bleach it?

I knew that by bleaching my hair, it would eventually die out. The process of bleaching your hair is extremely long and damaging to your hair and even Blanche will tell you that herself. Surprisingly though, after a day of having been bleached, my hair is just a little bit dry, none of my hair fell out or has been falling out and we think it’s because I hardly dye my hair or do anything that could potentially damage it.

Also, Blanche was very careful and considerate of my hair the entire time. She used a lower developr

2. How long will the entire process take?

Since my hair is very dark, we had to bleach it two times before even dying it. The entire process of double bleaching and dying took around 5- 6 hours.

3. What kind of treatment is required after?

Mostly conditioning and minimal shampooing.

4. Will it hurt?

Some parts of it will hurt but it’s totally manageable. At one point, I was scared that all my hair would fall off from my head but I exaggerate sometimes. I am completely fine and the pain was only temporary.


This is what I looked like after my hair was bleached a couple times. And as you can see, my hair is very orange and I guess that’s just how my hair reacted to the bleaching detergent. Will go back after a month or so to have it retouched/ re- bleached so I can go for a lighter shade of grey. Again, I am doing this process very slowly but surely. I know I don’t comb my hair a lot nor do I generally do anything specific to take care of it but I wouldn’t want to end up with really damaged hair either.

Also, the roots of my hair are actually a bit green- blue which hopefully after a few more washes will turn it grey/ silver ash which is the color I am trying for. Then, I’ll try for other colors like teal and/ or purple! #theopossibilitiesareendless


I’m still getting used to my new look and I realized that I might need to change my make up routine a bit. I feel like I started looking a lot more Chinese than I would prefer so I’m going to do some experimenting and hopefully I’ll figure it out.

I really do suggest checking out The Hair Goddess’  blog if you want to learn more about hair and how you can dye it on your own. She is such an amazing, smart and witty person so I’m sure you’re going to enjoy her entries!


My hair is going to be all sorts of crazy this year,


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