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It is said that the beauty industry is valued at a whopping $445 BILLION right now and with the ever changing beauty trends that I’ve seen over the years, it is really no surprise. Make up products are constantly flying off the racks (I’m talk about you, @sunniesface) and recently semi permanent make up has been the greatest thing since cheese. I take that back, NOTHING IS BETTER THAN CHEESE. But you get the gist.

It took me a while to get on the bandwagon for the reason that the industry was so new and I couldn’t take any risks. Up until this day there are semi permanent make up artists popping up left & right and it was crucial for me to watch the industry grow so I could eventually weed out the choices and select the one artist that I absolutely trusted. It’s not being elitists or anything ha, bati na gani ko ug kilay daan delikado ug ma bati pa gyud ug samot.

I have no regrets in trusting Mikee Libi of Winked because her light hand & keenness to detail is really what you are investing in. Anyone with hands can learn how to micro blade but it takes someone with her skill and precision to turn a clump of hair on your forehead into a set of beautiful brows you can actually be proud of.

If you watch the video, you will see how anxious I was about the entire procedure but now, I have no regret in my heart that I trusted Mikee. You will also see that I bombarded her with questions pre-procedure because I really could not risk anything going wrong but the results were and are AMAZING!


Shocking, I know.

And while this is only the 1st part of my blog/ vlog entries, you can tell as early as now that the transformation is nothing short of amazing. At P8,000.00/ 2 sessions (1 month interval per session) for brows that will last up to 2 years, I would definitely say that it is worth the investment.

Should you be interested in contacting Mikee Libi, feel free to message her Facebook and/ or Instagram.

Winked is located at Le Beau Monde Salon, Rivergate Bldg., Gen. Maxillom Ave, Cebu City.

Advance booking is preferred!

Issa P.

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