[VLOG] How To Survive A Food Market/ Sugbo Mercado


My friends and I have always been fans of local food markets and have been flocking to almost one for the following reasons:

[1] We can never decide where to eat so food markets give us the freedom to eat what we want, with who we want… even if we don’t want what they want.

[2] It’s a nice breather from the commercial restaurants that have been popping up lately. Plus, because you never know when you’re going to catch them again, it also adds to that hint of excitement.

[3] There are sooooo many choices

[4] Food markets are a good place to run into people, meet new ones and get ideas for future probably businesses and ideas.

[5] It’s great if you’re on a budget!

As an avid food market visitor, my favorite so far has got to be Sugbo Mercado which is located at the Garden Bloc of the IT Park. They’ve been around since 2015 and have finally made their permanent residence at the Garden Bloc complete with tables, chairs, lights and an awesome outdoor ambiance.

Fun story: I used to have to beg people to come with me to food bazaars to the point where I would have to go alone if I had to. But now my friends (and especially Paolo) has caught on to the idea and now, we’re there almost every weekend.

For someone with quite an experience I decided to show you what a Sugbo Mercado experience is like along with some tips and tricks to getting around, what to do and some common sense etiquette that should be practiced while enjoying the place and the food.

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Food is love; Food is life,


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