Well, I Guess..

I guess life is funny like that. You can love and love and love a person without ever feeling loved in return. And as much as you would want to leave, you know you will never really find the guts in your heart to do so. So until that day finally comes you just sit around and pray that one day some person is going to come and sweep you off your feet and love you the way you’ve always wanted to be loved. Probably even love you the way you gave love and if you’re lucky, even more.


Me? I used to. But not anymore. I’m just… happy. In my own little ways. A cheeseburger would make me happy or being able to play frisbee. Or laying on the beach with good music and good company.


Life is funny. You can have everything and still feel lonely and sad and pathetic and like it’s still not enough. I guess it’s human nature to never be satisfied- to always want more. And here I am, kinda feeling that way but I know things like this will pass so I look forward to getting there.

I still haven’t had my Mcdo. 2 attempted fails na. I don’t even want it that much anymore. *sigh*

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