well, it feels like forever

my god, how long has it been? i’ve been dying to blog in like, FOREVER! soo much stuff has happened that i kinda lost track of all the things i wanted to write about in the past few weeks/ days or my god, seriously, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?

did i mention that i have a new phone?

and i won 2nd runner up for ms. agham [that thing i HAD to join]

james met my extended family [grandmother, grandfather, tito and tita tina]

we hit 5!!Ü

and then we fought that day. soo sad. but we’re ok now.

i joined the district meet and i won. i’m the singles champion for district V.
i’m on my way to the cebu city oympics. yeah, boy!!

and what else?

oh yeah, STC Intramurals. so much school stuff to do PLUS our intrams that’s coming up and i’m soo behind from skipping too many classes and shit. rarr.

i’d love to update more but yeah, i’m busy. still. 🙁

entertain yourselves.


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