what love does

i’m sorry did i scare you?

did i talk too much and kill the mood?

you’re the only thing my heart’s beating for

so take it now, don’t be rude


i’m sorry did i scare you?

did i hug too hard or hold your hand too tight?

i’m sorry i can’t help it

i need you to help me make it through the night


i’m sorry did i break you?

did i say all th right words all at the wrong time?

my heart, it just can’t take it

i just can’t wait to make you mine <3


 this is what love makes you do:

jump out of a bus [not moving, of course]

ride a cab [and pay 30.00 bucks. i should’ve just walked. fcuk]

go to her dentist [your worst enemy]

and go home with a smile :]

i love it when i jump and you catch me. you just make everythig worth it.

i love you

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