What You Do To Me

You make me unafraid, you do.

You leave me speechless and giddy and you make me look forward to every single day that I get to spend with you.

You make me feel sure of myself and honestly, I’ve never been more certain towards how I’ve felt towards anybody but you. And I mean it.

You make my walls come down and just so you know, only 2 people have made me cry out of pure happiness- my papa and you.

You give me weak knees but I’ll always have a steady stance as long as I’m with you.

You are the best boyfriend in the whole world and I still have my head up in the clouds and it’s not just because of today but it’s because of what you do for/ to me everyday.

Thank you for thinking that I’m worth all of the things you do for me and more.

I can’t wait to make you feel the way you make me feel now- if you haven’t already.

You have given me such a happy heart one that is actually starting to consider the thought that maybe not everyone has to leave.

And I just want to do the same for you. Not because I have to but because I want to. And your happiness means everything to me. :3

I’m not used to posting happy things on this blog so forgive me if it’s not as good as the others. When I’m happy, I just want to kiss you and be with you so this is still a bit new to me. But I’ll get better at it.

This happiness is hard to explain and I guess that’s the best part. I can’t even begin to fathom how lucky and blessed and happy you make me feel.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. I love you so much!!!

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