what’s gonna work? teamwork

what’s NOT going to work? haha. zecrt-oh amig-oh!


so aside from the world being cruel to me, things have actually been turning out ok for me. i mean, i did have to stay in the library after the tests due to the lack on friends at school but aside from that, i’m fine.

i figured, i’m ok with everything for real. if i don’t hear from him, aww.. ok rapud. just make sure i don’t hear from him in a very long time.

no more choices for me. santa knows what i want this christmas. make it good, mister. common, i know you want to 😉

i can’t wait to go xmas shopping for my outfit on friday. i want a pretty dress and i’m not taking skirts as an option right now. yes, thank you 🙂

mom’s home. now i’m not in the ranting mood. she just reminded me of how miserble i am at home.

argh, matey!

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